Kansai Yamamoto (山本 寛斎?, born February 8, 1944) is a fashion designer from Yokohama, Japan. After studying civil engineering and English at Nippon University, got a so-en prise at Bunka Fashion College in 1967. Among the designers with whom he apprenticed are Junko Koshino and Hisashi Hosono; in 1971, he opened his own company, Yamamoto Kansai Company, Ltd.. His first collection debuted in London in 1971 and in the USA at Hess's Department Store in Allentown, Pennsylvania. His 1975 debut in Paris was followed by the opening of his Kansai Boutique in 1977. In 1999, he and Junko Koshino renewed the kimono, reviving interest in this classical fashion. He's also known for his avant-garde kimono designs, including ones worn by David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust Tour. In 1999 he organized a fashion program under the aegis of the India-Japan Mixed Cultural Cooperation Committee. Since 2001, he has been known for his fashion eyewear, sold by Aoyama USA. He's a recipient of the Soen prize at the Bunka College of Fashion (1967) and the Tokyo Fashion Editors award in 1977. Yamamoto designed the Skyliner train, unveiled in 2010, that connects Japan's Narita Airport with central Tokyo. In July 2013, he made a comeback to the fashion industry with a showing in the 19th New Britain Mask Festival in Kokopo, Papua New Guinea.

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  1. Gaga wore a replica made by Mia Gyzander Costumes.

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