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Joseph Anthony "Joe" Germanotta Jr. (born August 9, 1957) is Lady Gaga and Natali's dad. He's married to Cynthia Germanotta since 1983.

Little bio

Joseph was born -in Elizabeth, New Jersey- to Joseph Anthony Germanotta (died on September 25, 2010) and Angelina "Angie" Germanotta (née Calderone). He had a sister called Joanne, who died on December 18, 1974, of lupus; that's why he decided to found his own restaurant in her honor, the Joanne Trattoria. He's a graduate of The School of Hospitality Business, an industry-specific school within the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. He sits on the board of directors for Lady Gaga’s charitable organization, Born This Way Foundation. He worked as an Internet entrepreneur, starting and ultimately owning a company that installs WiFi in hotel chains.

His family tree

Angelina Calderone (1930)
Joseph Germanotta (1922-2010)
Cynthia Bissett (1954)
Joseph Germanotta (1957)
Joanne Germanotta (1955-1974)
Stefani Germanotta (1986)
Natali Germanotta (1992)


  • He was 31 years when Gaga was born.
  • He inspired the songs such as "Speechless" from The Fame Monster, and "Million Reasons" from Joanne.
  • He's the owner of Joanne Trattoria.
  • He's the owner of Guest WiFi.
  • He's the owner of Haus of Gaga Publishing, Inc.
  • He gave Gaga the nickname "Loopy" when she was little and still calls her that today.
  • Gaga thanked him in the credits of the booklet for The Fame Monster.
  • Gaga tattooed "Dad" written in a heart on her left shoulder.