Jimmy Kimmel Live! is an American late-night talk show, created and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and broadcast on ABC. The nightly hour-long show made its debut on January 26, 2003, following Super Bowl XXXVII. Jimmy Kimmel Live! is produced by Jackhole Productions in association with ABC Studios.

October 23, 2008[edit | edit source]

Set list
  1. "Just Dance"
  2. "Poker Face"

Performance[edit | edit source]

July 28, 2011[edit | edit source]

  1. "Yoü and I"
  2. "The Edge of Glory"
  3. "Hair"
  4. "Born This Way"
  5. "Judas"
Stylist Brandon Maxwell at Haus of Gaga
Hair stylist Frederic Aspiras at Haus of Gaga
Makeup artist Tara Savelo at Haus of Gaga
Dancers Montana Efaw, Amanda Balen, Asiel Hardison, Richard Jackson, Mark Kanemura, Ian McKenzie, Victor Rojas, Bethany Strong

Interview[edit | edit source]

Performance[edit | edit source]

Rehearsal[edit | edit source]

"Gaga Googoo" video[edit | edit source]

March 13, 2014[edit | edit source]

Interview[edit | edit source]

Backstage[edit | edit source]

February 27, 2019[edit | edit source]

Jimmy Kimmel Live! From His House[edit | edit source]

April 6, 2020[edit | edit source]

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