Heartbeats by Lady Gaga are high performance in-ear headphone. They are made by Monster Cable under the product line "Beats by Dr. Dre" and were made available in October 2009. To coincide with the release of Born This Way, they announced the Heartbeats V2.


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In the spring of 2009, Lady Gaga was contacted by Dr. Dre and the Noel Lee, the CEO of Monster Cable Products, to discuss a possible collaboration. Monster Cable wanted to expand their products line to reach a broader audience with her appeal to both men and women. Lady Gaga worked directly with the design firm Ammunition to conceive the Heartbeat to enjoy the ultimate in both high fashion and high performance audio. The Ammunition team drew from her design ethos, which incorporates strong imagery from fashion, art, architecture and performance art. "Great design is about ideas and emotions, not just objects," says Robert Brunner, leader of the Ammunition Group. "Working with Lady Gaga, we have created something that expresses her very essence and soul, and ultimately fused fashion and sound in a new way that will delight both the eyes and ears. And the heart."

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The result is a unique expression of Lady Gaga that allows women and men to express themselves and their passion for music in exciting new ways. They also reflect her commitment to leading-edge audio performance and musical authenticity. "Heartbeats by Lady Gaga" are designed to deliver pounding bass, incredible clarity, and all the power of today's hottest music.

"In the deepest hour of the night, I confess to myself three things; I would die if I was forbidden to write, forbidden to love, or forbidden to fashion, Heartbeats embody the trinity of my human-being with one additional vow: that SOUND matters. Wear Heartbeats, love each other, and celebrate the art and lifestyle of music" - Love, Lady Gaga



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The Heartbeats were made in three colors: Black chrome, bright chrome and rose red. After a couple of months, the Heartbeats were released with ControlTalk as an option.

Heartbeats V2

In the beginning of 2011, HMV made Heartbeats V2 available for pre-order. Only the V1 was designed with Ammunition Group. Three colors were announced but only black and white were made.