Heads Together

Heads Together is a mental health initiative spearheaded by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, which combines a campaign to tackle stigma and change the conversation on mental health with fundraising for a series of innovative new mental health services.

Lady Gaga + Prince William

In their FaceTime call, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Lady Gaga discussed how opening up and having conversations about mental health is vital to ending the stigma that still surrounds these issues. Lady Gaga said she felt people with mental health challenges were 'not hiding anymore' and the The Duke added that it is time 'to feel normal about mental health – it's the same as physical health' and that good conversations can 'really make such a difference.'

Mental Health Minute

On May 15, 2018 at 10:59 for the first time in history, hundreds of radio stations across United Kingdom broadcast the Mental Health Minute. Lady Gaga joined Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Dame Judi Dench, David Harewood and Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill in a one-minute message to help change the conversation on mental health.

"All of us have moments when life is tough. And sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Because taking care of your mental health is important for everyone. Whether you listen to songs by Prince on the radio to get out of your head or... You're an actual Prince on the radio..." - Gaga


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