Disco Panty and Disco TieEdit

Lightning suits, 2008Edit

Crushed Crystals Glasses, 2008Edit

The Crystal Glasses, often known as The Fame Glasses, are the first glasses created by the Haus of Gaga in 2008. The glasses are made of crushed frozen acrylic. These glasses are seen on the cover of Lady Gaga's debut album, The Fame. There was a recreation of the glasses made for live performances, however, this version is just the original glasses without the crystals. It's made of solid polarized plastic and spray-painted. The glasses come in three colors: blue, yellow, and lavender.

These glasses can be seen in many of Gaga's performances, although most prominently during The Fame Ball Tour. The glasses are a part of the set of crystal wear in Gaga's collection. The set includes the Disco Stick and the Disco Glove. During The Fame Ball Tour, Gaga mainly wore the yellow pair of glasses, then later on switched to the lavender pair.
During an interview in 2008, Gaga mentioned that while wearing the original pair of crystal glasses, she couldn't see through them.

Gold studded jacket, 2008 Edit

The Haus of Gaga customized this gold jacket with studs.

Circuit glasses, 2009Edit

The "circuit glasses" are pair of sunglasses designed to appear like a circuit board.

Recreation of a Bernard Chandran Dress, 2009Edit

The Bernard Chandran dress is a black, leather dress created by the Haus of Gaga as a recreation of a dress in Bernard Chandran's 2009 Spring/Summer RTW Collection.

Bleeding Bodysuit, 2009Edit

The Bleeding Bodysuit is an outfit worn by Lady Gaga for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The concept of the bodysuit was originated from a Frida Kahlo self portait where she is bleeding from the heart. In an interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Gaga said that the performance was intended to be a commentary on Princess Diana, and in an interview with FUSE: On the Record, Gaga further explained that the VMA performance and outfit was done because of the publics' obsession with celebrity death. That this was her, presenting her own death as in order to say "this is what my death looks like, so you know what to look for". {C}

Red Lace Crown, 2009Edit

The Lace Crown is a crown made by the Haus of Gaga in order to match the Alexander McQueen red lace body suit. Worn at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Red Lace Suit, 2009Edit

The Lace Suit is a former stripper outfit by Leg Avenue that was bought and tailored to Lady Gaga's body by the Haus of Gaga. Worn at the Marc Jacobs after party during the 2009 Fall Fashion Week.

Red Rose-Lace Bodysuit, 2009Edit

The Rose-Lace Bodysuit is a bodysuit made to match the headpiece by Keko Hainswheeler. It was worn during a performance of "Paparazzi" on Saturday Night Live.

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