This page is a list of outfits created by or with the Haus of Gaga through the years 2008 and 2009 during The Fame era.


The following gallery is a preview of the items introduced in "2008."

"Just Dance" Dress

The "Just Dance" Dress was a dress created by the Haus of Gaga worn in the "Just Dance" music video.

Disco Bra

The Disco Bra is one of Lady Gaga's most iconic pieces of clothing. Gaga said during some shows of The Monster Ball Tour that it was made by herself and Justin Tranter, of Semi Precious Weapons. It was often worn during promotions for "Just Dance", it was also worn in the music video.
Gaga wore the Disco Bra at the Lollapalooza festival in 2007 and 2010. The Disco Bra was seen again in her Monster Ball Tour, for the final performance of her concert on January 10 to 26, 2010. While she sings "Bad Romance", she is dressed with an outfit with disco-styled shoulder pads, as well as the bra. In her interview with Oprah Winfrey, she showed a clip of her "Monster Ball Tour - Behind the Scenes" where Gaga explained that it is the same exact bra she wore in the music video for "Just Dance".

Latex Jumpsuit

The Latex Jumpsuit was one of the first creations from the Haus of Gaga. It is a black, backless jumpsuit. They created also a white version. The bodysuit and the jackets worn with it and made by Haus of Gaga were inspired by Willi Ninja.
The jumpsuit was used in the mini-movie, The Fame: Part One, during the photoshoot for The Fame Booklet, and in many of Gaga's earlier club performances.

Disco Stick

The Disco Stick is one of the first creations by the Haus of Gaga, along with the iPod LCD Glasses created in 2008. This prop is still used since it's first appearance in clubs. It's the only thing that was not modified or changed after being conceived. The Disco Stick is composed of two pieces put one inside the other.


The term "Disco Stick" was the first used as a catch phrase in a bar as Gaga explains.

"I was in a bar in New York and I said to this guy I was hitting on 'I wanna take a ride on your disco stick' and he just started laughing."

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Gaga explained the meaning of the song and her inspiration behind it, especially for the line "Let's have some fun this beat is sick / I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" from "LoveGame".

"It's another of my very thoughtful metaphors for a cock. I was at a nightclub, and I had quite a sexual crush on somebody, and I said to them, 'I wanna ride on your disco stick'. The next day, I was in the studio, and I wrote the song in about four minutes. When I play the song live, I have an actual stick — it looks like a giant rock-candy pleasuring tool — that lights up."

Creation and purpose

Lady Gaga created her own Disco Stick with the help of her creative director "Dada" (Matthew Williams). The disco stick's first appearance was in March, 2008, when Gaga first launched her career in the club scene. The disco stick is made from a silver chrome pole, which has a point on the end. On the top is crushed acrylic plastic formed into a dome like shape. The inside of it consists of 18 small LEDs which let off the bright blue-ish white-ish light. inside the chrome pole are batteries, which can be accessed by unscrewing the bottom part of the disco stick. To turn the light on, there is a small back button. It then has an thick long black tube to protect it, which has crushed frozen acrylic at the top. Since the creation of the Disco Stick, Lady Gaga has used when performing LoveGame. The Disco Stick was seen in The Fame Ball tour in the songs: "Just Dance", "LoveGame" and occasionally "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich". In The Monster Ball it's only used during "LoveGame". There are two episodes in Transmission Gagavision where the Disco Stick appears - one where she's putting the batteries in it and another where she calls her engineers to fix the Disco Stick because it had technical problems.

It later made an appearance in Gaga's Twitter Queen video where it emits a blue light as a reference to the color of the logo of Twitter.

Later Models

Disco Torch (The Monster Ball Tour) (2010-2011)

The Disco Torch

Disco Torch.jpg

The Disco Torch is a newer model much larger than the original Disco Stick, a yellow light is given off when the torch is turned on. This model was also the first Disco Stick to feature a strobe switch which is used to emulate the look of shiny glitter. It was first seen at the Monster Ball: Arena Version on February 26th 2010 during the performance of "[1]LoveGame". Since then, this version of the Disco Stick been used throughout the Monster Ball Tour. Lady Gaga uses it as a flashlight (or "Torch"), before "Boys Boys Boys" to "get a good look" at the audience and see what they're wearing.

Disco Scepter (The Born This Way Ball) (2012-2013)

The Disco Scepter

This version of the prop was used on the first few dates of the Born This Way Ball during "LoveGame". Starting from June 10, in the wake of the Sandy Hook incident, Gaga used it only for "Paparazzi", as a sorceress staff, replacing the Assault Rifle that was initially used for the performance.   Unlike the previous two versions, this one only features blades made of fiberglass surrounding the sphere and there are two flicker switches for both the top and pole areas.

Disco Star (Super Bowl 51 and Joanne World Tour) (2017-2018)

The Disco Star on JWT

The Disco Star on Super Bowl LI

This version was used on all dates of the Joanne World Tour during "LoveGame" performance and also on NFL Super Bowl LI Halftime Show during "Telephone" performance. On both occasions one of the dancers hands Gaga the Disco Star while she’s singing. Unlike it's predecessors, this one only features few points of star made of fiberglass and doesn't have electric lights on the pole. During one of the shows, The prop broke, which was eventually replaced with a similarly modified version that has pearls encrusted on the pole.

Reference in popular culture

In a skit on Saturday Night Live, Gaga and Madonna get into a staged cat-fight, over who is more popular and attractive. During the struggle, Madonna yells: "What the hell is a Disco Stick?", referencing the controversy over the item's concept.

Crystal Glasses

The Crystal Glasses, often known as The Fame Glasses, are the first glasses created by the Haus of Gaga in 2008. The glasses are made of crushed frozen acrylic. These glasses are seen on the cover of Lady Gaga's debut album, The Fame. There was a recreation of the glasses made for live performances, however, this version is just the original glasses without the crystals. It's made of solid polarized plastic and spray-painted. The glasses come in three colors: blue, yellow, and lavender.
These glasses can be seen in many of Gaga's performances, although most prominently during The Fame Ball Tour. The glasses are a part of the set of crystal wear in Gaga's collection. The set includes the Disco Stick and the Disco Glove. During The Fame Ball Tour, Gaga mainly wore the yellow pair of glasses, then later on switched to the lavender pair.
During an interview in 2008, Gaga mentioned that while wearing the original pair of crystal glasses, she couldn't see through them.

Poker Face Suit

The Poker Face Suit is custom made outfit designed by Lady Gaga, for the music video for "Poker Face". The outfit was created in electric blue, golden, and black. Leading on from the Black Crystal Catsuit, the almost aqua latex one-piece, with darker fringing, is paired with matching peek-toe heels and finger gloves. This also appears alongside the iPod LCD Glasses. The black version of the suit was used on some of her live performance around October of 2008.

Lady Gaga wore the suit for her #HowToVote video in 2020.

Black Crystal Catsuit

The Black Crystal Catsuit is an outfit made after a design by Lady Gaga for the music video for "Poker Face". The suit is comprised of latex, and the same crystal structures Gaga sports in earlier instances. The catsuit is paired with the Mirrored Mask, with a latex head scarf. Matched with the suit are black latex peek-toe heels and finger gloves. This costume projects glamor, the ideas of female sexuality, and it reflects upon the ideas of "masking ourselves", and the truth. In this case, ones' sexuality. In all, the outfit brings together icons of feminine fashion such as the heel and cat suit, images of the Asian-esque warrior, as well as common theatrical materials, such as mirrors and glitter.

(Add Appearances) Seen without the crystals.

Mirrored Mask

The Mirror Mask made it's first debut in Lady Gaga's music video for "Poker Face".
Since then, she has worn it during her live performances including The Fame Ball Tour ("Paparazzi"), and her festival performances in 2009.

iPod LCD glasses

One of Lady Gaga's more well known props is her iPod LCD Glasses, with them being prominently used in performances, music videos, and in her concert films. These glasses consist of two LCD screens, made from a iPod Classics. The glasses work by connecting an iPod to a composite cord in the glasses which then sends to the LCD screen 'lenses' whatever the source iPod is playing. They inspired the GL20 Camera Glasses.

Haus Headset

The Haus Headset is a headset microphone that is sound triggered to light up.
Gaga mainly used the headset throughout late 2008 to mid-2009. Gaga debuted the piece on So You Think You Can Dance during "Just Dance". It is often accommodated by the iPod LCD Glasses.

Origami Dress

The Origami Dress is one of Lady Gaga's best known outfits. She first wore various versions of the dress during the promotions for "Just Dance".
The dress was worn while Gaga toured with the Pussycat Dolls on their Doll Domination Tour, as well as the New Kids on the Block Tour. The dress was worn various times during televised interviews and live performances. A slightly altered version of the dress appeared in a picture posted by Lady Gaga on Twitter captioned "MONSTER BALL POST-OPERATION: In a scene titled Battling a Paparazzo". The dresses were based on the original dress designed by Thierry Mugler (Fall/Winter 1991).

LED T-Shirts (Dancers)

The LED T-Shirt wears used by the male dancers during the New Kids on the Block Tour.

Creation and purpose

The shirts are made with 14x14 LED screens that are fixed on regular t-shirts. The shirts the guys wore had patterns pre-programmed. Some patterns include a heart, different colored squares, etc.

Grey shoulder pads (Dancers)

Disco Glove

The Disco Gloves are a pair of gloves created by the Haus of Gaga. A second version of the gloves were created shortly after the first. The gloves come in two versions, and are somewhat of a reminiscence of Lady Gaga's Disco Stick. They consisting of a black plastic colored base for Gaga to put her hand in, and a clip space which holds the mic, which connects to the end of it allowing Gaga to hold on to the glove. Also, there are smaller gems which change colors.
The 2nd "Final" version has on top, small LED bulbs which were stacked into metal tubes with holes in them, those holes then are covered by the same crystal, as seen on the Disco Stick. The gloves have a built in computer chip which allows programmable LED patterns on the glove. They were used for many performances at small clubs and press events.

Gold studded jacket

The Gold studded jacket is a jacket worn by Lady Gaga.

Disco Tie and Panties

The Disco Tie and Panties were worn by Lady Gaga.

Red suit

The Red suit was a bodysuit worn by Lady Gaga during her club and television appearances throughout the summer of 2008.


The following gallery is a preview of the items intoduced in "2009".

Nude sequined panties

The nude sequined panties were worn a couple of times in 2009. Gaga designed these nude sequined panties with opalescent light blue rhinestones on them and Linda Stokes made them.

Daffodil Dress

The Daffodil Dress was worn by Lady Gaga in the music video for "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)". It was used in a short scene, but it is notable because of it's complexity as it is entirely composed of daffodil flowers. The dress is short and is designed to be similar to that of a corset, but with more volume. Gaga decided to make a dress out of daffodils specifically because to her, yellow is seen as a bright color, and stands for happiness

Vespa S 150

The Vespa S 150 is a scooter owned by Lady Gaga. The scooter has appeared in multiple colors. White (Original), Denim, and Red.

Molded Top

The Molded Top is a series of custom molded top created by the Haus of Gaga in 2008 and 2009. The series consists of Gold, Silver, Teacup Print, Lightning Bolt, and a Translucent one.

Mirrored Dress

The Mirrored Dress is a dress worn, mainly during Lady Gaga's tours. The first version of this dress was largely black, with hand rests built into the skirt, and two large glass covered triangular segments. A latter version of the dress would completely replace the black with mirror shards. Another variation of the dress, which included no mosaic mirror tiles, was also worn during her supporting act in Take That's Wembley performance. Underneath the dress, Gaga wears a second black lace skirt. During the The Fame Ball Tour, Gaga performed "Paparazzi" with the dress along with the Mirrored Mask surrounded by her dancers with mirrored walls. These walls were created by Tom Talmon Studio. The dress was based on a Thierry Mugler archive piece from 1997.

Reference in popular culture
  • The dress was used in Glee when Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), settles on her thoughts about her newly-revealed mother after a dress similar to the Kermit Dress due to her insecurity.

Bubble Dress

The Bubble Dress is a design by the Haus of Gaga, and created by Muto-Little Costumes. The dress is inspired by a very similar one created by Hussein Chalayan for his Spring 2007 show. In 2010, the Haus of Gaga created a new dress inspired by the same show, The Living Dress. The dress was created around the time "Paparazzi" was released as a single. The dress has been seen during the performances of the acoustic version of "Poker Face", and "Future Love" during The Fame Ball Tour. The dress is encompassed with plastic bubbles of all sizes. Later during her european leg of the tour, the dress was replaced with a bubble vest. The concept is the same but it's a vest rather than a dress and is easier to remove for her festival performance.

Reference in popular culture

  • During Lady Gaga's episode on Saturday Night Live, there was a skit featuring Andy Samberg. The plotline is Samberg realizing that he is wearing the same Bubble Dress (for the SNL after-party) as Gaga, leading to an uncomfortable exchange. At the end of the skit, we find that Lorne Michaels has also encountered the same problem, wearing a tie with bubble attachments. It was also used in Glee where character Tina re-creates it for the day so that she can find a new look.

Bubble Piano

The Bubble Piano was inspired by Hussein Chalayan's 2007 spring-line "Bubble Dress". It was featured during The Fame Ball Tour. The piano was used to debut "Future Love".

Bernard Chandran Dress

The Bernard Chandran dress is a black, leather dress created by the Haus of Gaga as a recreation of a dress in Bernard Chandran's 2009 Spring/Summer RTW Collection.

Peplum dress

The peplum dress is an outfit created by the Haus of Gaga. It consisted of pointed, exaggerated shoulder pads, a high waisted hemline, a tailored waist, and a v-cut neckline. The dress was made in white, yellow, and purple with the white having a matching belt. The whole design was based on a Thierry Mugler jacket from 1994-1995.


The Sun outfits

The Haus created a bodysuit made of a collage of "The Sun" frontpage along with a suit.

Circuit glasses

The circuit glasses are pair of sunglasses designed to appear like a circuit board.


The Pyro-Bra was used as a supplement in a couple of Lady Gaga's outfits. It wears like a normal bra, except for the fact that the device is controlled by a remote control used by Gaga to shoot sparks. Lady Gaga has said that the pyro-bra represents how the female body can be used as a weapon. The bra was also cited by critics as an homage to Madonna's cone bra by Jean Paul Gaultier . The inspiration for the bra came while Lady Gaga was in vacation. “I called him from Hawaii [June 2009] and I was like, Matty [Matthew Williams (Dada)], we need to make my tits blow up!” said Lady Gaga. Matthew replied that it wasn't possible to put her tits on fire without a permit but she wanted him to figure out a way to do it and hung up on him. He called later with a technique to make it possible and the bra was made by an Tom Talmon Studio. Matthew described the bra as “It’s really just sparklers—the old sparklers on the tits trick.” However, the effect is really created using high-speed miniature motors outfitted with special carbide grinding wheels. When Ferrocerium rods are pushed into the wheels the sparks are produced.

Lady Gaga first debuted the accessory during the ending of the "Poker Face" performance at the MuchMusic Video Awards in 2009. It was later featured in the music video for "Bad Romance". Lady Gaga created a panty version of the accessory, which shoots sparks downward. This accessory debuted during the "Paparazzi" performance, at The Monster Ball Tour of 2010, and was worn again on Gaga's appearance, on the cover of TIME magazine.

Studded bodysuit

The Haus of Gaga created a bodysuit worn by Lady Gaga. According to Gaga on Twitter, her outfit got stolen.

"Whoever stole my MuchMusic outfit, the Haus curses you with a future of fashion travesties....I miss & love my fans. See u soon in paris. 10:32 AM Jul 7th" - Lady Gaga on Twitter

Black crystals keytar

Customized Roland AX-Synths by Matthew Williams and Gary Card. Premiered on Glastonbury 2009

Bleeding Bodysuit

The Bleeding Bodysuit is an outfit worn by Lady Gaga for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The concept of the bodysuit was originated from a Frida Kahlo self portait where she is bleeding from the heart. In an interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Gaga said that the performance was intended to be a commentary on Princess Diana, and in an interview with FUSE: On the Record, Gaga further explained that the VMA performance and outfit was done because of the publics' obsession with celebrity death. That this was her, presenting her own death as in order to say "this is what my death looks like, so you know what to look for".

Lace Crown

The Lace Crown is a crown made by the Haus of Gaga in order to match the Alexander McQueen red lace body suit. Worn at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Lace Suit

The Lace Suit is a former stripper outfit by Leg Avenue that was bought and tailored to Lady Gaga's body by the Haus of Gaga. Worn at the Marc Jacobs' After party during the 2009 Fall Fashion Week.

Rose-Lace Bodysuit

The Rose-Lace Bodysuit is a bodysuit made to match the headpiece by Keko Hainswheeler. It was worn during a performance of "Paparazzi" on Saturday Night Live.