The dancers are a part of the Haus of Gaga since the beginning with the early promotional event for the The Fame in 2008. During special live performances, the "core" dancers are often joined with selected dancers for the performance. All the choreography from 2008 to fall of 2011 were done by Laurieann Gibson (Boomkack) with her assistants such as Richard Jackson who took the role of choreographer in October of 2011.

Dancers lineups

October 2007-April 2008

The first pair of dancers.

At the start of her Hollywood career, Gaga was joined by a pair of female dancers from early February to the end of April of the same year. These dancers, Sheryl Murakami and Katie Berenson, are seen in the music video for "Just Dance". In the video, the brunette dancer (Sheryl Murakami) turned on the boom box that began the video's music, while Berenson carried in Gaga's piano. These dancers are also seen during Gaga's performance at the 2008 Winter Music Conference.

'Original' lineup (May 2008-September 2008)

Dina and Coco Chanel with Gaga in Malta, 2008.

In May of 2008, Gaga was accompanied by two new female dancers: Dina (Melissa Emrico) a prima ballerina from D.C. and Pepper. In June, Pepper was fired for refusing to play a pride show and was replaced by Sheryl Murakami for three days. On June 20, Coco Chanel (Celine Thubert), a French pop n' locker did her debut as the replacement for Pepper. The new duo were featured in the short film, The Fame: Part I. In August, Coco Chanel was replaced by Miss Jones for the month. Coco Chanel came back in September for the last time with Gaga. Asked about what happened to them by the Sydney Morning Herald in 2009, Gaga replied with: "The fame got to them".

Typical attire for the female dancers included a black top, slip-on Margiela style shoulders, tight black pants, driving gloves and Marni sandals. These outfits were extremely similar to the outfits described for Alex and his 'droogs' in Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange. Gaga's original introductory music was the theme from the film version of A Clockwork Orange. It can be inferred that the Haus and Gaga's theme was a tribute to the pop culture of the 60's and 70's via the persona of her performances. For example, Dina and Pepper acted as her own 'droogs'.

While performing at a radio concert for Vic Latinos radio station Party 105, Lady Gaga accidently hit Dina in the mouth with her microphone during the song "Just Dance". Dina was not seriously injured, but did require ambulance assistance to stop the bleeding.

October-December 2008

In October 2008, Gaga dropped her female dancers to have four male dancers: Michael, Asiel, Ian and Anthony. During live performances, Gaga usually introduced them with their nickname rather than their real name. Their nicknames were inspired by some of Gaga's favorite fashion designers: Michael Silas as Mikey Mugler, Ian McKenzie as Louis Lagerfeld, Asiel Hardison as Duke Jones, Anthony Lofendo as Tonny Ferris. At the end of the tour with the New Kids on The Block, Anthony "left" the group for undisclosed reasons.

January 2009-November 2009

The trio did the Fame Ball Tour in 2009.

November 2009-May 2011

The lineup of dancers before May of 2010.

The trio had a one year contract which ended on August 2009 but they re-signed to be part of The Monster Ball Tour. Seven new dancers were also hired for the new tour: Graham Breitenstein, Montana Efaw, Sloan-Taylor Rabinor, Amanda Balen, Molly d'Amour-Goslin, Mark Kanemura, Jeremy Hudson. Some of them had already worked with Gaga on a music video or a special live performances. Around May of 2010, Mark Kanemura and Jeremy Hudson left the Monster Ball Tour, leaving Cassidy Noblett and Victor Rojas to replace them. Mark Kanemura is back on the tour starting February 19, 2011, while Cassidy Noblett has left.

May-December 2011

Since the end of the Monster Ball, Gaga performed with eight or nine of the dancers including Richard Jackson who usually dance in the music videos or special live performances. For "Marry the Night", Melissa Emrico returned to the Haus for the shoot only.

April 2012-February 2013

For The Born This Way Ball, some dancers did not renew their contracts or were replaced in total, three new dancers (Knicole Haggins, David Lei Brandt, Kevin Frey) joined the Haus while three left (Michael Silas, Molly d'Amour, Bethany Strong). Richard Jackson returned to be the choreographer of the Tour.

March 2013-November 2014

After the Born This Way Ball, Jeremy Hudson and Mark Kanemura left the Haus. Gaga started performing with ten or nine dancers, adding new ones for music videos. On April 7, Amanda Balen left the Haus after the last show at Roseland Ballroom.

For the ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball, 8 dancers returned and 6 new dancers were added Karen Chuang, Nick Geurts, Tamina Pollack-Paris, Gianinni Semedo Moreira, Theresa Stone and China Taylor while Knicole left.

2016-February 2018

For the Super Bowl performance, Gaga recruted 40 dancers, a mix of current with former Haus dancers and new dancers :

Asiel Hardison, Ian McKenzie, David Lei Brandt (his last performance with Gaga), Nick Geurts, Eric Schloesser, Christopher Shazar, Eric Sanchez, Juan Zapata, Francisco Casavilla, Tamina Pollack-Paris, Sloan-Taylor Rabinor, Lindsay Taylor, Kelsey Menke, Alexandria Kaye Upshur, Caroline M. Diamond, Gianinni Semedo Moreira, Cris Cangero, Casey Johansen, Ambrosio Respicio, Grayson McGuire, Michael Silas, China Taylor, Montana Efaw, Karen Chuang, Alyssa Stamp, Ashley Cruz, Imani Wisdom, Ed Moore, Trevor Loritz, Kevin Frey, Marquis Cunningham, Amanda Balen, Christina Grady, Sabrina Lundgren, Victor Rojas, Eric McCoy, Kennis Upchurch, Graham Breitenstein, Heather Therese Blum
Choreography - Richy Jackson (choreographer), Lacee Franks (assistant choreographer)

For the Joanne World Tour, Gaga had 12 dancers : Ian McKenzie, Asiel Hardison (left after the tour), Kevin Frey, Victor Rojas, Graham Breitenstein, Christopher Shazar (new), Montana Efaw, Sloan-Taylor Rabinor, Tamina Pollack-Paris, China Taylor, Christina Grady (new) and Caroline M. Diamond (new).

December 2018-December 2019

Dancers for the concert residency Enigma: Ian McKenzie, Kevin Frey, Victor Rojas, Graham Breitenstein, Christopher Shazar, Casey Alexander Sheehan (new), Juan Zapata (new), Montana Efaw, Sloan-Taylor Rabinor, Tamina Pollack-Paris, China Taylor, Christina "Pasty" Grady.

Occasional dancers