The creations of the Haus of Gaga are a mix of both in-house creations and collaborations with other artists. Fond of the Do-It-Yourself culture, Gaga created herself a "Disco Bra" in 2007 which was the first of many items attributed to the Haus. In 2008, she recruted Matthew Williams as creative director to help design and contact artists to collaborate with them. The creations made by the Haus can be clothes and props worn by bother Gaga and her dancers usually. In 2012, the Haus started the TechHaus division in order to create more advanced pieces of clothing in partnership with Studio XO.

Hall of fame[edit | edit source]

Across the years, some of the creations by the Haus of Gaga attracted recognition by the general public. A few of them were collected below in a gallery.

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