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The Halle Tony Garnier is a concert hall in Lyon, France.The maximum seated capacity is approximatively 8,000 spectators. For large events, the maximum capacity including standing can reach 16,500 people - making it the third biggest venue in France after the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy and the new coming Arena in Montpellier.

December 2, 2010[edit | edit source]

Set list:
Act I: NYC
 1. Jumping Film
 2. "Dance in the Dark"
 3. "Glitter and Grease"
 4. "Just Dance"
 5. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
 6. "The Fame"
Act II: NYC Subway
 7. Puke Film
 8. "LoveGame"
 9. "Boys Boys Boys"
10. "Money Honey"
11. "Telephone"
12. "Speechless"
13. "Yoü and I"
14. Twister Film
15. "So Happy I Could Die"
Act III: Central Park
16. Antler Film
17. "Monster"
18. "Teeth"
19. "Alejandro"
20. Monster Film (Manifesto of Little Monsters)
21. "Poker Face"
Act IV: The Monster Ball
22. Apocalyptic Film
23. Battling a Paparazzo ("Paparazzi")
24. "Bad Romance"
25. Fan Film [edit set list]

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