"Guess Who's Single" is a song written by Lady Gaga, Kalenna, Pharrel Williams, Eve, and producer, Jim Jonsin (credited as Jim Johnson), for no artist in particular in July 2008.


Around July 2008, Jim Jonsin was working with writer Kalenna on tracks and ideas for random artists when he met Lady Gaga. She happened to be writing for Britney Spears when they decided to work together. “I gave her some music and she went to work in a back room. I think she was writing an idea for Britney [Spears] and it was sick, so I grabbed her and brought her back in the room.” said Jonsin. They wrote four songs together: "Freezer Burn", "Guess Who's Single", "Kaboom", and "Let Dem Hoes Fight", with no artist in mind. The latter made its way to Trina who rewrote the song with new verses and released the track on her album, Amazin, two years later. Meanwhile, Eve was working on her fourth studio album with Pharrell Williams among other producers and "Guess Who's Single" went to Eve with vocals by Gaga and Williams.


[Verse 1: Eve]
Guess you thought you would've been leaving me alone
Like a kid without a daddy, but guess what? I'm fully grown
I can bounce back fast, but that fact you should've known
I was fly before I met you, always make it on my own

Huh, won't lie, I cried, but I knew the pain'll pass
No more living in a lie, 'cause the lies never last
No more thinking you that guy, you just a guy from the past
No more baby talk or wet n' walk, you gonna miss me bad

Man, yeah, well I guess it's for the best
I guess we'll try to be friends, I guess that'll be a mess
Huh, yeah, then when we hatin' on eachother
It was one time forever, now I guess we left with never, c'mon

[Chorus: Eve and Pharell]
It's okay, it's alright
I'll live with it, but you decided
I knew you're gone, left me no go
But I'm okay, I'll go solo

Hey, now, hey, now, hey, hey, hey, now
Hey, now, hey, now
Guess who's single? (x2)

[Verse 2: Eve]
Oh yeah, it started off good, how it always do
You know, that good lovin' feelin' when the shit be new?
The stupid gigglin' n' touchin', non-stop fun
Anything he do, he got my whole body blushin'

Shit, well, I'm over that now
Pick up, it's his voice, I'm over that sound
Huh, I must admit it takes some time, though
Call up all your girls, go to the club and pop some bottles

No, don't ever sit around sad
It is what it is, put the past in the past
Huh, no matter what it used to be like
It's over now, you movin' on, I wanna hear you be like...


[Bridge: Gaga]
Check us out, we ridin' this solo, honey
Ain't no room in this Mercedes for funny business
Funny, funny, funny business
You look good in them jeans, but you can kiss this

This ain't no real reflection of my affection for you
So, please, sir roll up them sleeves just a little
I want them diamond cufflinks, but guess who's single?

[Outro: Pharell]
My girls to the left
My girls to the right
My girls, sing it loud if you're single
My boys said your head went jingle
It's time to wake up from that dream

The voices in your head
The voices at night
Screamin' that you wanna be single
My voice could be your therapy
Walk away smilin' like me

[Chorus Then Fadeout]

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