Gary Card is a designer that created pieces worn and used by Lady Gaga.

Creations for Lady GagaEdit


  1. Custom paint and crystals by Gary Card and Matthew Williams

Ecto-skeleton arms and headpiecesEdit

Gary Card was asked by the Haus of Gaga in 2009 to recreate latex props he did for a photoshoot for Vogue Homme Japan with Steven Klein with stylist Nicola Formichetti. Gaga loved the latex pieces and asked Gary Card to make them for her Monster Ball tour.


Gary Card made headpiece and arm pieces for the 10 dancers. Lights were added inside of the bones by Tom Talmon Studio. The bones were then used to make a hat and a top.


During the Theater version of the Monster Ball, Gaga used the same hat but added tulle inside of it. Same items as shown on November 22 except that Gaga's hat was added tulle inside

Skeleton Gloves, 2010Edit

Yellow HandEdit

  1. It was a gift to Gaga that she has worn as a bracelet.

Mary Magdalene/Hells Angel headpieceEdit

  1. This headpiece was created for the "Judas" music video but was not used.

Pig MaskEdit


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