Gaga Koh
is a name devised by combining Lady Gaga, and fashion designer, Terence Koh's name. It was set up as a charity concert for people living with HIV. M·A·C Viva Glam and KCD Worldwide hosted at the Tabloid club in Tokyo, Japan.

April 20, 2010Edit



Throughout the entire performance, Lady Gaga is seen sporting a full body outfit of pure white. During the performance, one of her dancers wearing nothing but a white underwear, lifts Gaga up, as she sings. The Rubberman Piano used for the performance was the same from AmfAR New York Gala crowned with five-foot-tall papier-mâché bunny head – Terence Koh's “spirit animal”.

Set list
  1. "Speechless"
  2. "Alejandro"
  3. "Bad Romance"

Lady Gaga

Terence Koh

  • Japanese wedding hat: Balmung Tokyo


  • Bunny Masks: Writtenafterwards by Yoshikazu Yamagata


  • Film— Michel Balagué
  • Art direction— Lady Gaga, Terence Koh, Matthew Williams
  • Styling— Nicola Formichetti, Terence Koh
  • Lady Gaga Hair— Frederic Aspiras
  • Lady Gaga Makeup— Tara Savelo
  • Dancers Glam— Sarah Tanno
  • Executive Producer— Frank Krug for AUTOPROD
  • Editing— Éric Menard
  • Cameraman— Michel Balagué, Jitsu Toyoda
  • Sound Recording— Rin Takada, Tatsuhiko Nihonyanagi
  • Sound Editing— Thomas Wallman
  • Production Assistant— Sadami Hwang
  • Camera Assistant— Yasushi Miyata, Yuka Eto, Masa Sakashita


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