The Jonathan Ross Show

The Jonathan Ross Show, formerly known as Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on BBC One, is a talk show, hosted by Jonathan Ross on ITV.

April 16, 2009Edit

Lady Gaga wore a dress by Ashley Isham which she joked, was made out of post-it notes. During the show, her teacup was 'stolen' by host, Jonathan Ross. For the performance, she sported a metal dress by Dolce & Gabbana, as seen towards the ending of the "Paparazzi" music video.

Interview Edit

Lady Gaga wears a dress by Ashley Isham, a ring by Noir Jewelry and shoes by Ruthie Davis.

Performance Edit

  1. "Poker Face" (Rock version)
Lady Gaga wears a metal bustier dress by Dolce & Gabbana.


March 2, 2010Edit

Lady Gaga changed outfit multiple times during the show. She is seen sporting her part blonde and purple wig throughout the entire show. Her outfit during the interview was a black suit with a vintage telephone on her head, and the clear platform-stiletto heels, as seen on The Living Dress, which she wore during the "Brown Eyes" performance. During the performance of "Telephone", she wore a black bodysuit with chains and jewels. This outfit had red and black feathered shoulder straps and black lace boots. She was also given a new teacup to replace the old one.

  • Towards the end of "Brown Eyes", Lady Gaga played the acoustic ending of "Blueberry Kisses".
  • Lady Gaga stated that this was the first time she had performed Telephone live on a TV show.

Interview Edit

Interview 1 — Suit and shoes by Armani Privé, Telephone hat by Philip Treacy, gloves by Valentino.
Interview 2 — Dress and gloves by Atsuko Kudo ('Eden'), Telephone hat by Fred Butler.

[Lady Gaga walks onto stage and is greeted by Jonathan Ross who leads her round to the sofa]

ROSS: Hi there! It’s Lady Gaga, mistress of the quick change. Wow, mind that step that was fantastic. It’s Lady Gaga! Doesn’t she look spectacular? [Leads Gaga round to sofa]
Audience member: [Shouts out] Love you Gaga!

ROSS: Wow, you’ve got to love Gaga. You really do push the boat out. Congratulations on this [inaudible] tonight that actually isn’t a working telephone up there though is it?

GAGA: [Lifts hand piece from “Telephone” hat and talks into it] Hello? [ROSS laughs] Hi Jonathan! [Laughs and turns to look at him] How are you?

ROSS: I’m very well. you don’t have to use the phone it’s OK. come on you cheeky minx look what we got you.

GAGA: Thank you [Turns to audience] it’s so sweet isn’t it in my dressing room isn’t that nice [Looks at ROSS and stops talking]
ROSS: We got you a new teacup to replace the old one isn’t that | nice of us ladies and gentlemen to replace the one that was stolen by me when she came on last time [GAGA laughs] um er look, what a great what an incredible year it’s been for you because when you were on last time I think people (.) were coming to terms with who you are they were beginning to enjoy your music but you were sort of seen as a bit of an oddity (2) would that be fair do you think (.) background.

GAGA: Guess so, yeah

ROSS: OK, and now I think they maybe came to wonder what all the fuss was all about and now they love what you do.

GAGA: Oh, thank you thank you so much.

ROSS: It must be very satisfying for you.

GAGA: Hmm, well I really love my fans (.) [Cheering from Audience] I really love my fans I know (.) one of the most exciting moments has been (.) just this past week I played the O2 Arena and it was (1) sold out with the most beautiful amazing costumes and dancing and sweating and singing and I just love my fans so much.

ROSS: But that’s what’s the incredible thing is ‘cos at I’ve only seen photographs of this I’m going to go and see you ‘cos you’re coming back here in May I think for some more dates (.) Hmm but you see people go to the Lady Gaga concerts dressed not really like you but you kinda inspire them to to become glamorous I guess to be there’s some people there. (Points to photograph on screen)
I know that looks like that looks like an outtake from Little Britain or something but there’s just (1) a couple (Laughs) but people just go crazy, don’t they and I guess that makes part of the fun of the...

GAGA: They’re great. They’re mesmerising.

ROSS: Whole show the whole thing it’s them as well hmm you won three Brits this year.

GAGA: Yes, yes

ROSS: Or you were awarded three Brits two Grammies is that right?

GAGA: Yes, two

ROSS: That’s incredible

GAGA: Thank you (.) [To Audience] he’s so nice this year [Audience laughs]

ROSS: But I was trying to be nice last time I think I just think you you didn’t expect me to be quite as good looking or something? What was it what happened [audience laughs]

GAGA: Yeah (1) terrifyingly good looking.

ROSS: Yeah, there you go thank you [mumbling, audience laughing] hmm the clothes thing is become such an issue now everyone wants to see what you’re wearing ‘cos everyone loves (.)seeing these these outfits it’s like performance art really and I’m sure that’s partially the the intention do you ever worry though that you’ll overshadow what you’re doing will overshadow the music (.) or is it (.) all much of a oneness?

GAGA: No [Replaces handset on hat] I’m not going to hang up on you, but I’m just.

ROSS: ’Cos otherwise| you’ll be charged a fortune for that call (.) it’s OK though don’t panic
I’m on her friends and family list.

GAGA: No, no, I think there’s (.) for a very long time I haven’t really got in my generation (.) had hmm a (.) sort of a... a... a... figure that was (.) really an escapist figure for me that I could latch onto and have have the fantasy of the music and their life really inspire me (.) and I guess I’ve always lived (.) since I’ve (.) been in New York writing music was always very (.) sort of artcentric glamorous life and uh it’s important to me to always be that for my fans and (1) the idea of showbiz y’know Michael Jackson showbiz and and (.) the (.) the sentiments of music (.) and er performance today with with the media and the way that it is you see (.) absolutely legendary people (1) taking out their trash (1) it’s something that (.) we as a society don’t really want to see (.) but we (2) we keep buying into it and I think it’s actually destroying show business so if anything there’s |absolutely no way I’d ever give up my wigs and hats for anything. [Audience cheers]
ROSS: You mean we’re?

ROSS: Yeah, ‘cos I don’t think I’ve ever seen you looking less than spectacular.

GAGA: Thank you.

ROSS: So you must put that work in all the time but but who who...Where do the clothes come from? You come up with the ideas? You have a team of people suggesting stuff to you?

GAGA: Hum well, the Haus of Gaga’s all my friends and they travel with me a lot but um we work in so many different cities round the world and making new clothing um the living dress [points to where she has just performed wearing the dress that you just saw for the Brown Eyes performance that’s something the House of Gaga built inspired by designer Hussein Chalayan, the Living Dress.

ROSS: Well it’s a great it’s a marvellous piece of technology, hmm. The clothes themselves where do you keep them? You can’t keep them at home you presumably have a a whole separate area for the outfits ‘cause you don’t want to... You don’t want to throw them away you don’t want to get rid of them ‘cos they...

GAGA: I keep everything on the road. I don’t have a house right now.

ROSS: You don’t have a house.

GAGA: No, 'cause I’m always on the road you know and I put all my money into my show.

Performance Edit

Set list:
  1. "Brown Eyes" (Acoustic)
  2. "Telephone"
"Telephone" performance — Gaga and dancers' outfits by Keko Hainswheeler.
"Brown eyes" performance — Living Dress by Haus of Gaga, shoes by Armani Privé.

"Brown Eyes"

  • Piano and vocals — Lady Gaga
  • Guitar — Kareem Devlin
  • Drums — George "Spanky" McCurdy
  • Bass — Lanar “Kern” Brantley
  • Synthesizer — Brockett Parsons


  • Lead vocals — Lady Gaga
  • Background vocals — Ameera and Charity
  • Guitar — Kareem Devlin
  • Synthesizer — Brockett Parsons
  • Bass synthesizer — Lanar “Kern” Brantley
  • Drums — George "Spanky" McCurdy
  • Harp — Rashida Jolley

October 5, 2011Edit

Lady Gaga arrived with a sheep named Kevin. Other guests featuring on the episode include Lee Evans and Jamie Oliver.

Interview Edit

Lady Gaga wears a dress and Kevin's leash by Atsuko Kudo, a hat by Philip Treacy and boots by Natacha Marro.

Performance Edit

  1. "Yoü and I"
Lady Gaga wears boots by Natacha Marro.



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