This page is a list of fonts used on various products related to Lady Gaga throughout her career. Most of the fonts used are made by professional typographers and thus can not be found for free online.

The Fame era (2008-2009)

Main Designer: Irene Silva

The Fame

  • Artwork design — Liam Ward
  • Photography — Pieter Henket
  • "The Fame" is written in "Still Time" (Ray Larabie), slightly tweaked to remove the italic aspect of the font and the "F" is reversed.
  • [A] "Lady Gaga" is written in "Bauer Bodoni" (Adobe, "Roman") and the "|" used for "Lady | Gaga" is a custom lines drawn.
  • [B] "LADY|GAGA" in "Bauer Bodoni STD" (Adobe, "Bold")
  • [C] Track list in "Futura" (Adobe, "Medium")


"Just Dance"

  • Artwork design — Irene Silva
  • [A] "Just Dance" in "Chaser" (Harold's Fonts), "'featuring Colby O'Donis" in "Futura" (Adobe).
  • [B] "The remixes" in "Neutraface" (House Industries, "Display Bold")
  • [C] "Just Dance remixes pt. 2" in Unknwon (???), "LADY|GAGA" in "Bauer Bodoni STD" (Adobe, "Bold")
  • [D] "LADY|GAGA" in "Bauer Bodoni STD" (Adobe, "Bold"), "Just Dance" in "Neutraface" (House Industries, "Display Bold")
  • [E] Custom logo inspired by "Avant Garde" (Herb Lubalin)

"Poker Face"


"Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)"

  • Artwork design — Irene Silva



Main article: "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich", "Vanity", "Christmas Tree", The Cherrytree Sessions, HitMixes, The Fame (USB Edition)

The Fame Monster era (2009-2010)

Main Designer: Julian Peploe Studio

The Fame Monster


"Bad Romance" / "Alejandro"



Main article: "Dance in the Dark", The Singles, The Remix, The Fame Monster (USB Edition)

The Monster Ball Tour

Born This Way era (2011-2013)

Born This Way


"Born This Way"


"The Edge of Glory"

"Yoü and I"

"Marry the Night"


Main article: "Hair", Born This Way (USB Edition), Born This Way – The Remix, A Very Gaga Holiday, Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson

The Born This Way Ball

ARTPOP era (2013)


  • Tracklist and song title in Hevetica Neue "Black Condensed" by Adobe
  • Credits found on the back cover in Helvetica Neue "Medium Condensed" by Adobe
  • Song credits in Knockout "No. 30 Junior Welterweight" by Hoefler & Frere-Jones



"Do What U Want"



Main article: "Venus", "Dope"

Cheek To Cheek era (2014)

Cheek To Cheek


Joanne era (2016-19)

Main Designer: Lobster Eye



"The Cure"

Joanne World Tour

A Star Is Born


Chromatica era (2020)

Main Designer: Travis Brothers, Bryan Rivera, Isha Dipika & Darío Alva



"Stupid Love"

"Rain On Me"

Other Promotions

The Chromatica Ball

Haus Laboratories

Lady Gaga Fame

Eau de Gaga


The Fame: Part One

  • Little Lord Fontleroy


  • Little Lord Fontleroy
  • Little Rickey NF (credits)


  • Rockwell Extra Bold
  • Eurostile (Credits)


  • Haettenschweiler


  • Impact


  • Custom hand lettering


  • Champion Gothic Bantamweight
  • ??? (Credits)

"Perfect Illusion"/"Million Reasons"/"Joanne"

  • License Plate USA

"John Wayne"

  • Green Fuz
  • Foul Fiend ("Gaga-Vision" in title card, "Love" and "So Hard")
  • Nü*Creactivo 2008 ("The End" font [Edited "T" and "N" Characters])
  • Arial (credits in the title card)

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