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Fernando Garibay (born 27 December 1982), is an American record producer, songwriter, DJ and entrepreneur. Garibay was an executive, producer and artist at Interscope Records; spent over a decade as part of the in house creative team at Interscope, under the mentorship and direction of Jimmy Iovine. He can play the guitar, the keyboard, the drums, and the bass. He is a formally-trained arranger, string and brass sections as well as a programmer.

He was the musical director of Gaga's Born This Way Ball in 2012 and the producer of her Born This Way album in 2010/11.

Working with Gaga

Jimmy [Iovine] would always send me writers. After two years signed with Interscope, Jimmy calls me and says, “I got this artist, she’s amazing and a great writer. Maybe you could write something with her for Pussycat Dolls or whoever.” The same night Lady Gaga came into my studio in one her usual lingerie Gaga outfits and was like, “I want to show you my new video.” She’d just finished her first album with RedOne. We talked about what kind of songs we love, and played around with some melodies on the piano. And then it was like, “I got a hook for that!” So we ended up writing two songs. One ended up with Britney Spears (‘Quicksand’) and the other one she’s still holding on to. I think she wants to use it for something special. We just hit it off right away.

When the second album came, Fame Monster, she flew me out to London and asked me to write a song with her. That was ‘Dance In The Dark’, the opening song for the Monster Ball show. When she started creating the third album she flew me out right away. We both had the same vision and so she asked me to oversee the album by making me music director.

—Fernando Garibay to HitQuarters (August of 2012)

Production with Lady Gaga

He worked with Lady Gaga on the following song(s):

Songs from The Fame Monster (2009):

Songs from Born This Way (2011):

Songs currently unreleased:

Songs written for other artists:

Songs for live performances:

[A] ^aAfter working on the remix of "Dance in the Dark" and the interludes, Garibay wrote his Twitter:

Long night of Gaga show edits, and superstar vocal comps with a full moon burning a whole through my window. Howwwlllllllll

—Fernando Garibay


  • From October 16-19, Gaga worked on some songs for Born This Way in Oslo, Norway, and tweeted a picture of her in the studio with Garibay.

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