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Fashion is the name of the fourth episode of Transmission Gagavision released on July 15th of 2008.

Transrciption[edit | edit source]

The Fame instrumental plays

Lady Gaga: I really love this one. Did you read this one? We read this on the airplane. My Ron Galella book. Wher is this party and where can we find it? Right? I don't think I would leave.

Lady Gaga: See Liza Minnelli. Perfect example.

Pepper (offscrean): Liza.

Lady Gaga: She is so beautiful androgenous in this photo, bu so many men don't find this sexy and I don't understand.

Dina: But so many men do.

Lady Gaga: They do?

Dina: Yeah.

Lady Gaga: Gay men!

Dina: That's not true.

Lady Gaga: Gay men are like...

Dina: That's not true.

Lady Gaga: are giving me Liza right now, but straight men don't even know what it means.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Instrumental plays

Lady Gaga: I want to do these kinds of clothes. You know when I work with Mattie and we do stuff, it's like a certain way. Like it's flattering, but it's not in a way that everybody thinks about woman. Like she looks fly to me. Right? Oh my God, her. Stop it. Look at the tights

Lady Gaga: I hated Lee Strasberg because you create sensory scenarios for yourself. Like okay, I'm gonna feel a coffee cup right now or feel the rain, And when I feel the rain, I feel this way. And then you go into that state, and you stay there. And you have to learn in the classes how to get out of the state but that's what I don't do, 'cause I am in a permanent state of Gaga.

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  • l@<|y g@g@ -- Transmission Gagavision -- l @< | y g@g@ 6x
  • l@<|y g@g@ -- Fashion is a Pashion-- l@<|y g@g@ 1x
  • Lady Gaga "The Fame" album out September 2008 3x
  • l@<|y g@g@ -- Is giving you Liza right now! -- l@<|y g@g@ 1x
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