The Cheek to Cheek era began on June 2014, when Gaga began teasing Cheek to Cheek, changed her fashion quite drastically from the ARTPOP era styles, and began working on future promotion for the album. The Cheek to Cheek era overlaps with the ARTPOP era since the artRAVE continued on into the Cheek to Cheek era. The Cheek to Cheek era technically ended on August 1st, 2015 on the last concert of the Cheek to Cheek Tour, but the following months containing American Horror Story promo can also be grouped into the Cheek to Cheek era.

Media events + candids



Music videos + concert tours


American Horror Story

On locations

These pictures were taken before/during/after an event where Gaga performed in 2014 to 2016. Technically, they are not "photoshoots".


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