The Estadio Tres de Marzo, is situated in Zapopan, Jalisco, México, district that forms part of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

May 3, 2011[edit | edit source]

Additional notes:
  • This was an outdoor performance.
  • Gaga debuted the acoustic version of "Americano".
  • Gaga also performed "Judas" for the first time at the Monster Ball.
  • The half of the show was performed while raining.
  • As a result her headset microphone during "Teeth " stopped working so Gaga switched to a handheld microphone. This problem was fixed during "Poker Face".
Set list:
  1. Jumping Film
  2. "Dance in the Dark" (short)
  3. "Glitter And Grease"
  4. "Just Dance"
  5. "Beautiful Dirty Rich"
  6. Glitter Way
  7. "The Fame""
  8. Puke Film
  9. "LoveGame"
  10. "Boys Boys Boys"
  11. "Money Honey" (short)
  12. Virgin Call (gag)
  13. "Telephone"
  14. "Born This Way" (acoustic)
  15. "Americano" (acoustic)
  16. "Yoü And I"
  17. Antler Film
  18. "Monster"
  19. "Teeth"
  20. "Alejandro"
  21. "Poker Face"
  22. Apocalyptic Film (interlude)
  23. "Paparazzi"
  24. "Bad Romance" (encore)
  25. "Born This Way" (encore)
  26. "Judas (encore)
  27. Fan Film
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