Day With Gaga, Part 2 is the name of the eigth episode of Transmission Gagavision released on August 12, 2008.


The Fame instrumental plays

Lady Gaga: When we were at home the other day I said, you know, you guys we started with this idea of what we wanted this performance art show to be and then we travelled together, and we lived together, and now it’s real. And it’s, it’s the fame. Like, it’s that speaking to a fact or acting to a fact.

LoveGame instumental plays

Lady Gaga: It’s not like we live for the fame because we have it or because of… it’s not about things, you know. It's really about your mind and your heart and, and just really being passionate about yourself, you know, in, like, a very positive way. And it’s vanity but in reverse.

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  • |@<|y g@g@ -- Transmission Gagavision -- |@<|y g@g@ 3x
  • Lady Gaga "The Fame" album out October 2008 2x
  • |@<|y g@g@ -- It's vanity...but in reverse -- |@<|y g@g@ 1x
  • 1x

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