Day With Gaga, Part 1 is the name of the seventh eposode of Transmission Gagavision released on August 5, 2008.

Transrciption[edit | edit source]


Just Dance plays

Lady Gaga: You guys, want to go to French place?

Lady Gaga: ...Letters to a Young Poet...

Dina:(offcamera) Oh.

Lady Gaga:...And it talks about love and the artist and how... the real artist... the true artist has to really dig to a place to figure out if they can love. Because to really love somebody, you have to share your art with them.

Instrumental of Vanity plays

Dina: I think you are the force to be reckoned with. Anybody that comes in contact with you can help but to, like, be under your spell.

Lady Gaga: Really?! That's so nice. Thank you!

Dina: Like, you know, puppets. You're a puppeteer.

Lady Gaga: Really?

Dina: Yeah!

Lady Gaga: But you don't feel like I controle you[, do you]?

Dina: No! It's an Influence.

Lady Gaga: ...So you feel different?

Dina: I feel like I'm working with an artist who's molding me. What do you want The Fame to do? Where it...[Gaga interrupts].

Lady Gaga: I want to that. I want people to find a sense of inner confidence and the fame for themselves that has nothing to do with being famous. We are not famous, but we feel the fame. I even noticed the change in you guys from when I first met you, like... even, like, your body language and the way that you dress… and not in style kind of way but more in the way that you are wearing the clothes. Like, the way you hold yourselves. And the way you really own the performance art aspect of it. Like, this, this is ours.

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