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The Cutting Room is a live venue in New York City.

March 23, 2006

Lady Gaga was introduced by Bob Leone as Stefani Germanotta. The band consisted of Eli Silverman on the guitar, Alex Beckman on percussion, and Calvin Pia on the bass. This performance is apart of the 57th New Writers Showcase, produced by Leone who selected the nine performes. After the show, Gaga met Wendy Starland who was looking for a female singer to front a new band for Rob Fusari. Following that meeting, Gaga decided to leave NYU five days after this performance.

Set list:
  1. "Master Heartbreaker"
  2. "Hollywood"

October 6, 2006

The performance was apart of the OSIA: On Stage Italian Artists. She was billed as Lady Ga Ga for the show.

Other performers: JoAnn Robertozzi, Theresa Sareo, Micheal Castaldo, Antoinette Silicato, Esseri, Allison Scola, Giada Valenti, Daniel Ferrari, Lorraine Ferro, Jay Della Valle and The Dramas.

Set list:
  1. "Wonderful"
  2. "Fever"


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