The Crevette Films are a collection of three art films created by Lady Gaga used as backdrops and introductions during her live performances in 2009. The three films were shot on December 30, 2008 in New York City. They document the life of Candy Warhol, a female version of one of Gaga's biggest inspirations, Andy Warhol.

Une Crevette Film

Lady Gaga said she chose the name 'Crevette' (shrimp) because:

"'Crevette' means 'shrimp' in French. I named them that because, it might be quite silly of me, but shrimp are small and decadent and tasty. Which is what I intend for my little 57-seconds films to be. And in these particular films, which I show thoughout the performance are called 'Who Shot Candy Warhol?'. And the first film is called 'The Heart'. And the second film is called 'The Brain'. And the third is called 'The Face'."
12-31-08 Gabe Zapata 001
On the set in New York City on December 31, 2008.


In the Book of Gaga (2009), Gaga reveals that she co-directed the short films with Lady Starlight. The yellow plastic gun used in the films was re-used in the music video for "Video Phone" (Remix). Starlight described the films as "Warhol-meets-horror mini films". For the leading man role, Gaga asked a friend of her family, Jack Ketchum.

Who Shot Candy Warhol?

Candy Warhol tells a man that Pop ate her heart but he doesn't believe her and she tells him that she feels free.

GRAPHIC ON THE SCREEN: Haus of Gaga presents who shot Candy Warhol
Man: Where is it? Where is it, Candy? Candy?
GRAPHIC ON THE SCREEN: Une Crevette Film - starring
Candy: He ate it.
Man: Yes. I don't believe you.
Candy: Look for yourself... Pop ate my heart.
Man: I see.
Candy: He downed the whole thing. In one efficient gulp. Like a beautiful monster then took off into the city.
Man: Oh, Candy...
Candy: And now I just feel... I feel so...
Man: Empty?
Candy: No. No.
Man: Candy?
Candy: Free. I feel free.

End of the film, lead to a countdown followed by the Haus Intro.

During the conversation with the man, Candy (Lady Gaga) creates a hairbow with the hair she brushed off her head and baby powder. This interlude contains samples from "The Fame" and "LoveGame".

Man: Brush, Brush, Brush away Candy. What is that you search for? Oh, dear...
Candy: I've been brushing for hours just to make sure, it's gone.
Man: I guess we can honestly say that you've lost your mind.
Candy: No, I know exactly where it is.
Man: Really?
Candy: In his belly of course.
Man: He left something behind.
Candy: A machine, the hub of the city. I was scared at first, I thought, Pop ate my heart, and then he swallowed my brain.
Man: What's left for you to live for?
Candy: But then I thought,
Man: But then you thought...
Candy: The Fame.


Gaga about this Crevette: "I am sitting helplessly in a white room with a strange man holding a yellow rubber gun with pink blood over my heart, and a pantyhose that distorts the image of my true idenity." In the final film, Gaga tells the man that Pop wanted her face; after she introduces herself, the man asks her for her real name. But she tells him that she doesn't understand the question—she has no identity except for what Pop has given her. The yellow gun was used again on the Video Phone music video. This interlude contains samples from "Just Dance". Note: In the North American Leg, Candy (Gaga) replaces "I don't understand your question" with "I don't read your question".

Man: Well, now. You've really done it Candy. She was free without a heart and twice as sharp without a brain. So lonely, so lost on the streets of the city without her fame. There you go, all better. What did Pop say?
Candy: He needed a new face.
Man: Right. Well go ahead girl, introduce yourself to the people.
Candy: My name is... My name is... Miss Candy Warhol.
Man: No, your real name.
Candy: I don't understand the question.


Concert tours

These films were used during the Doll Domination Tour and The Fame Ball in 2009. The films were used to introduce her at the beginning of the show, and between different songs during the performance.

Tours Dates
Doll Domination Tour January 18 to February 19, May 16 to May 30, 2009
The Fame Ball March 12 to September 22, 2009


Title Name
Director Jamal Hill
Camera Bruce F. Cole
Creative director, script Lady Starlight, Lady Gaga
Production RK Diversified Entertainment Productions
Makeup artist Sharon "Mama makeup" Gault
Photographer Gabe Zapata
Candy Warhol Lady Gaga
Unnamed man Jack Ketchum
Interludes and backdrops
Musical interludes "Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary" • "My Egyptian Lover" • "Phantom"
As Opening act "Haus (intro)" • "Pop Ate My Heart" • "Haircutting"
The Fame Ball Tour "The Heart" • "The Brain" • "The Face" — Crevettes Films
The Monster Ball Tour "Jumping" • "Puke" • "Raven" • "Tank Girl" • "Twister" • "Antler" • "Monster" • "Apocalyptic" • "Tattoo" • "Poker Face" • "Toilet" • "Fan" • "Judas" • "Bloody Space"
Joanne World Tour "Car" • "Rhino" • "Backstage" • "Trapped" • "Drippy Face"
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