Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop (Hangul: 크레용팝) is a five-member South Korean girl group formed in 2012 under Chrome Entertainment. Formed in early 2012, the group consists of Gum-mi, Ellin, Way, Cho-a and Soyul. Crayon Pop debuted on June 24, 2012 with the release of both the Korean and Japanese music videos for their first single "Bing Bing", followed by the release of their first EP, "The 1st Mini Album". Crayon Pop's popularity rose with the release of "Bar Bar Bar", which began to draw interest and went on to become viral due to their unique stage outfits and choreography. "Bar Bar Bar" gradually began to climb the Korean digital music charts, eventually reaching the upper positions of most major real time chart listings, including reaching number #1 on the weekly Billboard's Korea K-Pop Hot 100 for the first time after a full 6 weeks on release.

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