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"Chromatica I" is an interlude by Lady Gaga from her sixth studio album, Chromatica. It serves as the opening score for the album, and leads directly into the second track, "Alice". The piece was written and produced by Lady Gaga and Morgan Kibby.


The track was premiered in the two teasers released in the lead up to the "Stupid Love" music video (February 27th, 2020 EST), as well as a fifteen second snippet used during the introduction of the music video itself (February 28th, 2020 EST).

Speaking of the track, Lady Gaga told Apple Music's Zane Lowe:

The beginning of the album symbolizes for me the beginning of my journey to healing. It goes right into this grave string arrangement, where you feel this pending doom that is what happens if I face all the things that scare me. That string arrangement is setting the stage for a more cinematic experience with this world that is how I make sense of things.

Lady Gaga on Apple Music

In an interview for American Songwriter, when asked how did Lady Gaga decide to open Chromatica with an orchestral composition, she answered:

[BloodPop] said, "How do you feel about potentially doing some interstitials for the record?" I hadn’t thought of it yet but I love composing a more classical style of music. Violins, things like that. String arrangements, horn arrangements. I did a lot of that for A Star Is Born soundtrack. So, I was very excited.
[Musician] Morgan [Kibby] began working on some things [in the studio] and we sat down together. Because this record is so personal to me, I started one instrument at a time and wrote the parts with her. We listened to it grow more and more. We explored it and it became a story. Truthfully, those interstitials could not be written or composed, I should say, until the rest of the record had congealed and become what, I believe to be, is a very loving homage to classic dance music.

Lady Gaga on American Songwriter



Written and Produced by Lady Gaga and Morgan Kibby
Engineered & Mixed By Mike Schuppan
Mixed & Recorded at Henson Recording Studios, Los Angeles Us.png
Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, New York, NY Us.png
Orchestrator & Conductor Amie Doherty
Contractors Gina Zimmitti and Whitney Martin
Track Participants Violins by Alyssa Park, Shalini Vijayan, Jessica Guideri, Luanne Homzy, Charlie Bisharat, Neel Hammond, Lucia Micarelli, Songa Lee, Marisa Kuney
Violas by Meredith Crawford, Erik Rynearson, Andrew Duckles, Linnea Powell
Celli by Vanessa Freebairn Smith, Tim Loo, Giovanna Clayton
Bass by Ian Walker
French Horns by Dylan Hart, Laura Brenes, Mark Adams, Katie Faraudo, Teag Reaves, Allen Fogle
Trombones by Steve Holtman, Reggie Young, Nick Daley
Published by
  • Sony/ATV Songs LLC / House of Gaga Publishing LLC (BMI)