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Hussein Chalayan is a fashion designer from Nicosia, Cyprus. He graduated from Central Saint Martins in London in 1993. Chalayan established his own company in 1994, Cartesia Ltd., as well as his ready-to-wear line, Hussein Chalayan (which he changed in 2010 to just "Chalayan" because of the oriental connotation of his first name, Hussein).

Spring/Summer 2007 "One Hundred and Eleven" RTW Collection[edit | edit source]

Lady Gaga did not wear any outfits from this collection. However, this collection is the inspiration for the Bubble Dress along with the Living Dress. The Bubble Dress was made by Muto-Little Costumes and a sash version and a jacket version were also made later. For a Rolling Stone photoshoot, a custom glass bubbles bodysuit was created by Michael Schmidt Studios. The senior animatronic designer on this collection, Adam Wright, also worked on the Living Dress along with Vinilla Burnham for Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

In 2013, TechHaus with Studio XO created Anemone, the bubble dress 2.0 which included its own electric automated soap bubble machine. A nod to Gaga who blew soap bubbles while wearing the bubble dress at The Fame Ball in 2009.

Spring/Summer 2009 "Inertia" RTW Collection[edit | edit source]

  1. Collaboration with Scott Wilson

Fall/Winter 2009 "Earthbound" RTW Collection[edit | edit source]

Spring/Summer 2010 "Dolce Far Niente" RTW Collection[edit | edit source]

  1. Hat by Noel Stewart

Spring/Summer 2011 "Sakoku" RTW Collection[edit | edit source]

Spring/Summer 2012 "Sip" RTW Collection[edit | edit source]

Spring/Summer 2016 RTW Collection[edit | edit source]

Custom[edit | edit source]

  1. Custom plexiglass vessel by Hussein, based on a similar design used in "Place to Passage" (2003).
  2. Ivory silk slip dresses with lace frill, spaghetti straps and chiffon trains.

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