"Candy In Control" is a song written by Lady Gaga. Some of the lyrics were later used in "Monster". The title of "LoveGame" can be heard in the song's lyrics.


I really don't remember when,
But it was quick,
And then was... dead.

Before I knew the thing inside,
I felt something was gone,
I cried.

He ate my heart,
He a-a-ate my heart.
Pop ate my heart,

And I became a slave to what?
To his LoveGame.

(I can't do it no more).

He ate my heart,
He ate my heart.
He ate my heart,

He a-a-ate my heart.
He a-a-ate my heart

Yes (yes), No (no),
I (I), Won't (won't),
Stop (stop), Do it (do it),
Yes (yes), Let's go.

Baby you got me with your touch,
You got this thing about you I don't understand.

You're so in tune with me tonight,
You got me thinking that you just might try.
See that bitch on the floor,
Wait 'til she can't handle more.
In my head, on the beat,

Candy In Control my babe.
(???) in the car,
(???) come on!

[The rest of the song is inaudible]

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