Between the Shows is the name of the third episode of Transmission Gagavision released on July 8 of 2008.

Transrciption[edit | edit source]

The Fame instrumental plays

Space Cowboy: Great performance as ever.

Lady Gaga: Lovely.

Space Cowboy: Yes, lovely.

Dina: It was great, it was wonderful.

Lady Gaga: Brilliant.

Dina: Brilliant.

Fan #1: I loved your set, it was very tiny.

Lady Gaga: Oh, thank you.

Fan #1: My favorite part was when the stage was all pph, pph, pph, pph, pph.

Lady Gaga: Yea, I like it too.

Money Honey instrumental plays

Lady Gaga: Oh this is gonna be fun for these kiddies.

Lady Gaga: I’m so excited to have, like, more inventions for the shows. That is all I can think about. That’s what so funny, like, when people are all like tell us about you stick. All I’m thinking is, “Do you know how many things I’m gonna make.” Do you know what I mean? Like they think that this is my big ta-dah. Right? Like this stick is my big claim to fame. Wait till you see what I’m gonna make next week.

Space Cowboy: I got my decorated lady gaga personalized laptop, limited edition.

Lady Gaga: Stop feeling me.

Space Cowboy: Its dope though.

Lady Gaga: Stop sweating me so hard.

Space Cowboy: You know.

Lady Gaga: You sweat me once twice three four. And…

Lady Gaga: I know I’m a magpie right. I see shiny shit Im like ahhh

Lady Gaga: Great Cyndi Lauper “Take no prisoners you look great kid, go out there and take no prisoners.”

Dina: She didn’t say that to you did she?

Lady Gaga: She fucking did say that to me I was like.

Dina: Did you heart melt?

Lady Gaga: My heart. Yes, it went like this. It went like ah ah ah Cyndi.

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Messages[edit | edit source]

  • l@<|y g@g@ -- Transmission Gagavision -- l@<|y g@g@ (6x)
  • l@<|y g@g@ -- Space Cowboy’s personalized Lady Gaga laptop… -- l@<|y g@g@ (1x)
  • l@<|y g@g@ -- …it’s on tour with Lady Gaga -- l@<|y g@g@ (1x)
  • Lady Gaga "The Fame" album out September 2008 (4x)
  • (1x)

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