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Benjamin Don Rice is a recording engineer and vocal producer in Los Angeles with credits including Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Julia Michaels, Robin Thicke, and Fifth Harmony. Aside from primarily working with Top 40 artists, producers and songwriters, Benjamin is also a musician, producer and mixer for many indie artists as well.

“I started out as second engineer, and towards the end of the [ARTPOP] project I became first engineer, and from that point I have been her engineer, mixer, vocal producer and so on. I handle many different responsibilities, rather than these being split up between different people. When you become someone’s trusted collaborator, you provide them with consistency, you understand what they are going for, and you become part of their creative direction. It’s a service job, and it’s an honour to do it.” - Benjamin Rice (2020)

For Chromatica, Ben mixed all the vocals at Henson Recording Studios from July 2019 until early March of 2020.

Work with Lady Gaga

He worked with Lady Gaga on the following song(s):

Songs from ARTPOP (2013):

Songs from Joanne (2016):

Songs from A Star Is Born soundtrack (2018):

Songs from Chromatica (2020):

Songs currently unreleased:



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