The Madison Avenue Windows

Gaga's Workshop

Lady Gaga's vision for the Madison windows was to create individual, magical holiday environments inspired by music, art and fashion. Directed by Nicola Formichetti in collaboration with Barneys Creative Director, Dennis Freedman, the windows have been divided into fourthemes: 'Gaga Constellation,' 'Gaga Machine,' 'Gaga's Boudoir,' and 'Gaga's Crystal Cave' each with their own unique reference to Lady Gaga.

“For my first ever window designs, it’s an honor to be collaborating with the prestigious Barneys’ brand and its creative history,” said Nicola Formichetti.

Gaga's Boudoir 

Barneys New York Gaga's Boudoir

Working with renowned hairstylist and Gaga collaborator, Bob Recine, the window is a surrealist take on Lady Gaga's own personal boudoir. Constructed entirely out of hair, the room is filled with references of hair styles and fashions from past Gaga moments.

Gaga's Crystal Cave

Barneys New York Gaga's Crystal Cave

Turning the space into a mysterious ice world, the window is made up of light installations and a mermaid sculpture reminiscent of Gaga.

Gaga Machine 

Barneys New York Gaga Machine

The theme of this window plays with the idea of Lady Gaga physically morphing into a machine. In this case the machine being a motorcycle in the shape of Lady Gaga's body.

Gaga Constellation

Working with Q4, a NYC-based experiential digital agency, the window will feature a new collaborative film by director Tim Richardson and creative director, Nicola Formichetti. The interactive short film is sponsored by a White Label Product with post production by The Mill, screen technology by Prysm, and interactive experience design by Moving Image & Content and The Science Project.


The Barneys New York team enlisted product consultant, Kitty Nguyen, a former Barneys VP, to create and produce over 250 custom limited-edition items for the holiday project.  Through interviews with her family and friends, a collection of Gaga iconic imagery was re-imagined as playful gifts and collectables.  From a solid chocolate Alexander McQueen stiletto to a Gaga motocycle topped snow globe, there is something to bring home for all Gaga "monsters".

Edibles & Treats


November 21, 2011

Gaga attended the opening of her workshop and cut the ribbon.

  1. Photography: David Swanson, Jamie McCarthy and Neilson Barnard.
  2. Sunglasses by Frame France, dress by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, shoes by Noritaka Tatehana.
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