The Backstage Film is an interlude featured on Joanne World Tour directed by Lobster Eye.


Gaga is seen walking through a door in a dressing room backstage at a concert with her team. She proceeds to put on a feathered peach-colored robe before sitting down and picking up an oxygen mask. Her team appears to leave and Gaga is all alone in the dressing room.When she holds the mask to her face, the sounds of a crowd cheering for her are heard. There are also flashes of her dancing in a fringe ensemble, similar to that which she wore earlier in the show. The video ends with her putting on a black hat as the screen rises.


Lady Gaga wears a red dress by Olya Kosterina with a peach-colored robe by MaryMe-JimmyPaul. Gaga also wears a OLIMA's long fringe leather jacket, an underneath outfit by Pam Hogg and at the end of the Interlude proceeds to put on a black hat by Gladys Tamez.



Backstage Film

Backstage Film

Behind the Scenes

On October 5, 2017, Sarah Nicole Tanno posted a picture on her Instagram of Gaga behind the scenes at the shooting of this Interlude.


Direction Lobster Eye
Production company Madison + Vine
Cinematographer Benjamin Kitchens
Editor Jarod Shannon
Colorist Loren White
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