Astro Wifey is a freelance manicurist. Dipped in polish since 2008, AW by way of Chicago, began working on her nails (not finding the designs she wanted) which soon caught attention, landing her decision to get educated and start taking clients. Inspired by the wellness of natural nails, Astro Wifey can turn any fingertips into treasure. The self-effacing hustler also continues to build her brand at events, private parties, photoshoots, and with her newest venture, merchandise including stickers, buttons, and streetwear t-shirts: ‘Worship The Wu’ and ‘Go Hard In The Nail Paint’. To provide support for the nail art community, she also started the first U. S. Nail Art Lifestyle Magazine, Tipsy Zine. She takes pride in producing nail designs that are 100% original, customized specifically for clients.

Nails Edit

  1. Nail Labo USA: Marcato # 39 - Presto Gel
  2. Deborah Lippmann: Supermodel
  3. Nails worn during ARTPOP Ball Tour (May-Nov 2014)

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