Originally scheduled for 2012, Gaga's fourth album was released wordlwide on November 11, 2013. ARTPOP, was revealed on August 3, 2012 by uploading a photo of her new tattoo. The cover was unveiled on October 7, 2013 on giant outdoor billboards belonging to Clear Channel in 18 cities in 12 countries. The track list was unveiled on October 9, 2013. For the occasion, Gaga asked a few fans to do a mural with the song titles on it.

Simultaneously as the album release, an application of the same title was released online for download on mobile stores. The application will allow fans to listen to the album and create their own artworks in the "artHAUS", with new updates to come in the near future. During the creation of the album, Gaga expressed her desire to release the album in two volumes, this plan is still under consideration.


On June 8th, Gaga posted on Twitter that she had played the new record to her record label and will release the title of the album in September. On June 29, 2012, Gaga sent pizza and wine along with a tweet:

"Sending down pizzas for Melbourne monsters at the hotel. Eat up, warm up I love u! Keep singing its divine! ". 3:21 AM via Twitter for iPad

and a handwritten notes:

"Dear Little Monsters, sending you love and pizza. Stay warm and enjoy. Thank you for all your lovely songs and dedication. Love + ARTPOP. Lady Gaga. June 29 2013"

On July 26, 2012, Gaga also hinted that the name of the album was short and that some fans already figured it out.

8-3-12 Instagram 001
Gaga and DJ White Shadow's tattoos.

On August 3, 2012, in a Little Monsters chat, she reveals that "ARTPOP" is the new album title and she got a tattoo of the name. On August 5, 2012, she tweeted that she wants the album to have all capitalized letters, so she wants it to be designed as "ARTPOP".


On August 30, 2012, Gaga explained on a picture comment on Little Monsters that the cover of the album will be colorful. During her interview with Elle (October 2013), Gaga revealed that Jeff Koons is “making a sculpture of me, and it’s going to be my album cover.

On October 7, 2013, Gaga added that “Having Jeff create something for ARTPOP was a dream come true, and a very emotional experience. He has given me the greatest gift and we are excited to be sharing it with you.” (Press release)


The album cover includes a cropped version of the "The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli with a black and white series of photographs of "Apollo & Daphne" by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, "Lady Gaga" written in pink and "ARTPOP" written in white sprawled across the cover, with a blue Gazing Ball (one of her props in her VMA performance) and the sculpture of Gaga by Jeff Koons.

Koons explained his intention for the cover to MTV News:

"With the cover, I wanted to have Gaga there as a sculpture, as a three-dimensional type of form and with the gazing ball, because the gazing ball really does become kind of the symbol for everything — and this aspect of reflection that when you come across something like a gazing ball, it affirms you, it affirms your existence and then from that affirmation, you start to want more. There's a transcendence that takes place and eventually it really leads you to everything. So that aspect's there."
ARTPOP album artwork
  • Model — Lady Gaga
  • Sculpture - Jeff Koons
  • Artwork - Sandro Botticelli ("The Birth of Venus"), Gian Lorezno Bernini ("Apollo & Daphne"), Jeff Koons ("Gazing Ball")


The sculpture of Gaga was done by Jeff Koons using a serie of photograph taken in 2013. For the sculpture, they used a blonde wig which according to Gaga was picked because everyone can recognize her with that look. The sculpture was made using white plaster and was digitally colored for the album cover.

Gazing Ball

Lady Gaga also utilizes Jeff Koon's the "Gazing Ball" on the album cover. Previously, Gaga has used the "Gazing Ball" for her 2013 VMA Performance of "Applause" and has even mentioned having a "gazing period"during her interview with Good Morning America in August 2013. The "gazing period" was a period where Gaga jotted down her creative ideas and obsessed over her music.[1]

Gaga explained the significance of the gazing ball on the album cover in a tweet on October 13: "The gazing ball is significant also because my sanskrit's a small dot. Im destined to float as a universe, fitting with all types of people."

"What was beautiful about that work was the accessibility of the ball — that reflective ball that many people have in their yards as a symbol of generosity to your neighbors. But when you'd look at it you'd feel this transcendence where the ball would become everything and it would be about a mass dialogue about people not only wanting transcendence for themselves, but involved with the community discussing transcendence and what the possibilities are for humans." - Jeff Koons on the "Gazing Ball"

"Apollo and Daphne"

"But I didn't want Gaga there just kind of isolated, so in the background there's [Gian Lorenzo] Bernini's 'Apollo and Daphne' — and that's the work where Apollo chases Daphne and she turns into a tree. And so there's just glimpses of Daphne's face and of Apollo. Apollo is the god of music and whenever Apollo would perform music he would transcend, he would change; his being would become more feminine. And that's the transcendence that you can experience through art and life. Your being can change, your possibilities can change, your perimeters can change." - Jeff Koons

"The Birth of Venus"

"And also in this triangular shapes that go out is Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus,' presenting Gaga of course in the role of Venus — of the nature of the continuation of life's energy and the pursuit and the enjoyment of aesthetics and of beauty. And of the desire to continually have transcendence." - Jeff Koons

Limited edition

On October 10, Lady Gaga announced via twitter that the first 500,000 physical copies of ARTPOP would include hot pink and silver metallic foil on the cover. She tweeted: "the foiling represents true design of the cover as imagined by the artist Jeff Koons, who hand collaged the typography himself."

The #iHeartARTPOP campaign

On October 4, the Facebook page for Lady Gaga explained that album cover would be unveiled by sections starting at 1PM (Eastern Time) on October 7, 2013 by using the hashtag #iHeartARTPOP on Twitter. The message also included some sections of the album cover with the following caption: "What did JEFF KOONS make of LADY GAGA?". A sneak peak of the cover was released at the same time with missing pieces.

A few hours before the event, Jeff Koons released informations and hints about the cover throuh his Twitter account:

  • "My work for @ladygaga is flawless. It is impeccable. It will change your life with its colors, themes, and utter lack of originality"
  • "Fans, prepare for #ARTPOP. My album cover for @ladygaga will shock, amuse, entice, and possibly impregnate you"
  • "#ARTPOP album cover hint # 1: I don't know what you fans are expecting, but @ladygaga is expecting!"
  • "#ARTPOP Album Cover Hint # 2: @ladygaga's new profile picture means more than you think."
  • "#ARTPOP Album Cover hint # 3: One second @ladygaga is a Koons, and the next – ?"

One hour before the event, Gaga tweeted: "Please welcome Jeff Koons into our family +shower him with love for the the talents he has shared with us. A pure and genuine collaborator. I'm nervous&excited to share something that's such a piece of my heart. Something I cherish deeply. A real depiction of my mind through his." She also revealed that the sculpture will be displayed on Novembe 10, 2013 at the artRAVE. For the event, Gaga partnered with Clear Channel to display the event on their outdoor billboards in 18 cities of 12 countries (Full list). To those unable to catch the event in person, a live stream of the New York reveal from Times Square was available at The event took 20 out of the planned 30 minutes with 3 update being made before the full cover was revealed. Following the event, all of Clear Channel's iHeart Radio across the U.S. would post the cover on their individual websites.

Track list

Prior to the unveiling of the track list, Gaga had revealed nearly all of the songs name randomly through Twitter, Little Monster and Instagram from 2012 to 2013. Except for the song "Fashion!", which was still unknown before the track list was made available.

On Friday September 20th, 2013, Gaga confirmed that the official track list would be released on September 29th, 2013 via Twitter. However, due to a time extension given to her by her record label, Interscope Records, Gaga delayed the release date. On September 30, she referred to the delayed release on Twitter: "Im sorry the tracklisting is late monsters. A few more squirrels snuck into the ARTPOP tree. Don't worry it will be worth it!".

The track list was revealed later at 9pm PST on October 9th, 2013. For the event, Gaga asked some dedicated fans she nicknamed the "LA Rivington Rebels" to paint a mural in the parking lot of the Record Plant with the track list on it. She also later explained that the delay for the track list was due to two songs being considered to be track 12 on the album. The other track being considered was "Brooklyn Nights" but according to Gaga, the song required more work and thus, will be released on the application during the album cycle instead.

No. Title Length
1. "Aura" (Explicit) 03:55
2. "Venus" (Explicit) 03:53
3. "G.U.Y." (Explicit) 03:52
4. "Sexxx Dreams" (Explicit) 03:34
5. "Jewels N' Drugs" (feat. T.I., Too $hort, and Twista) (Explicit) 03:48
6. "MANiCURE" 03:19
7. "Do What U Want" (feat. R. Kelly) (Explicit) 03:47
8. "ARTPOP" 04:07
9. "Swine" (Explicit) 04:28
10. "Donatella" (Explicit) 04:24
11. "Fashion!" 03:59
12. "Mary Jane Holland" (Explicit) 04:37
13. "Dope" (Explicit) 03:41
14. "Gypsy" 04:08
15. "Applause" 03:32
Walmart bonus tracks
16. "Applause" (DJ White Shadow Electrotech Remix) 5:49
17. "Applause" (Viceroy Remix) 4:27
Japanese bonus tracks
16. "Applause" (DJ White Shadow Electrotech Remix) 5:49
17. "Applause" (Viceroy Remix) 4:27
18. "Applause" (Empire Of The Sun Remix) 4:08
Japanese bonus DVD
1. "iTunes Music Festival 2013" 60.00
2. "Exclusive Interview" (with Japanese subtitles) 12:49
International deluxe edition bonus DVD
1. "Aura" (Live at iTunes Festival 2013) 7:36
2. "MANiCURE" (Live at iTunes Festival 2013) 7:58
3. "ARTPOP" (Live at iTunes Festival 2013) 8:37
4. "Jewels N' Drugs" (Live at iTunes Festival 2013) 9:50
5. "Sexxx Dreams" (Live at iTunes Festival 2013) 10:35
6. "Swine" (Live at iTunes Festival 2013) 9:12
7. "I Wanna Be With You" (Live at iTunes Festival 2013) 12:10
8. "Applause" (Live at iTunes Festival 2013) 5:19

Release history

In January of 2012, when asked about her plan for the year with The Insider, Gaga revealed her intention to release a new album, in addition to embarking on The Born This Way Ball Tour. On July 26th, Gaga revealed on Little Monsters, that the album would be out before spring of 2013, with the lead single scheduled for a late 2012 release. Later that year, she announced on Twitter that she wanted to wait a new year in order to get a fresh start which meant to postpone the single and the album until later in the year (2013).

On July 12, 2013 via Little Monsters, it was revealed that the album will be released on November 11, 2013. The free application was also released on the same date on the major virtual stores for Apple, Android and Blackerry devices.

Region Date Format(s)
Jp Japan November 6, 2013 CD · CD+DVD · digital download
Au Australia November 8, 2013
De Germany
Nz New Zealand
Ch Switzerland
At Austria CD · Digital download
Be Belgium
Cz Czech Republic
Fj Fiji
Fi Finland
Ie Ireland
Za South Africa
Nl Netherlands
Pl Poland
Sk Slovakia
Globe-green Worldwide November 11, 2013 CD · CD+DVD · digital download
Gb United Kingdom
Globe-green Worldwide December 30, 2013 Vinyl (LP)

The digital download version of the album is available both in an explicit and clean version. The DVD is only available for physical purchase.


Region Date Format Catalog # Barcode Version
Jp Japan November 6, 2013 CD UICS-9139 4988005794581 Explicit
CD+DVDB UICS-9140 4988005794604 Explicit
Globe-green Worldwide November 8 · 11A, 2013 CD B0019296-02 602537520695 Clean
B0019295-02 602537543045 Explicit
CD+DVDB 0253758813 602537588138 Explicit
Us United States CDC B0019530-02 602537601837 Clean
Globe-green Worldwide December 30, 2013 Vinyl (LP) 3754305 602537543052 Explicit
ASee the previous table for details on the release date worldwide.
BThe DVD is the full performance of Gaga at the iTunes Festival also known as "Swine Fest".
CWalmart exclusive with two "Applause" remixes.

Limited edition

On October 10, 2013, Gaga revealed on Twitter that the first 500,000 physical copies of ARTPOP had a cut-out of hot pink metallic foil (on "Lady Gaga") and silver foil (on "ARTPOP", the star and on the "Parental Advisory" sticker) on the cover. She did not specify if the number was limited to the United States only and if this applies to every version in every market. However, it was revealed on the release date that the foil edition were nor exclusive to the United States, and were infact available to purchase in nearly every country, and each country had its own localized release of it. There was also more than 500,000 physical copies pressed with the foil text, however that statement may have only been referring to the copies pressed in the United States.


On October 11, 2012, Gaga tweeted "do you now how hard it is to have albums+albums of new music that i can't play u. let me just lay on the floor + cry *stupid popstar rules*" On October 30, she explained her cryptic tweet in the chat on Little Monsters by saying that she might release the album in 2 volumes.

"The album is not one kind of music. [...] I think I'm going to release 2 volumes: ARTPOP volume 1, ARTPOP volume 2. [I] would put on second volume maybe like 6 months after first? The difference between the 2 volumes... well [it's] the music but I can't decide how to tracklist [it] yet." She then explained her idea so far consisted of  "sort of thinking that VOL.1 should have all the commercial songs, and then save the experimental material. To be honest, even the experimental stuff is catchy. Its just a bit more modern and you never know if radio is ready. "

When asked about a volume 2 for ARTPOP, Gaga later stated that it was still her intention but had no plan on the moment about it. On October 13, 2013, Gaga confirmed that she have "lots of songs for ACT TWO!" already planned.


For more, see the ARTPOP app page.

ARTPOP app icon

Gaga revealed in September of 2012, her intention to release an application for mobile on Android and iOS compatible devices with ARTPOP. She hired Relative Wave and her newly created company TechHaus for the project. The back end development is handled by Cloud City Development. These teams worked together for 12 months to create the app.

On launch date, Gaga explained that some of the features were not included in order to test the server capacity and that they would be released in the next "few weeks".

Booklet and credits

10-14-13 Instagram 002

Before the release of the album on October 14, Gaga posted a glimpse of the album booklet with a few tweets related to it:

"I impart first as a bonus a shitty photograph of the inside of ARTPOP’s completely epic booklet on instagram."
"The booklet includes photos of the day Jeff and I explored different poses for the sculpture. IT IS COMPLETELY AMAZING Been leafing through her allll day."
Don’t worry there are still some typos in the booklet proof! thank you for your notes little monsters! always lookin out #pawsup

The last tweet related to the booklet was on October 15: more changes to booklet, and off to shipping :( i need one of those church .gifs i need SAVING. or a TALL GLASS of brown liquor + dope

  • Cover
  • Album tray
  • Back of the jewel case


Jeff Koons who designed the album cover, also designed the booklet which was then created by Julian People Studio.

The Japanese pressing of the album contains a different booklet compared to the rest of the world. The layout uses a more colourful design with lyrics and borders, and images included are also in different positions and a different order, however, the content is the same on both editions. In Japan, the limited edition foil first pressing of the album contains a foiled front and back cover for the booklet, all other interntaional editions however only have a foiled front cover. For the clean version, the designers digitally added balloons over the more revealing photos in the booklet, and the cover and disc also featured a larger Gazing Ball, "Sexxx Dreams" is listed as "X Dreams", and "Jewels N' Drugs" is listed as "Jewels N' *****" in order to make it more appropriate for a younger audience. In certain countries in the middle eastern area, the booklet has extremely large Gazing Balls over Gaga's body, almost covering the entire image, Gaga is also wearing navy blue stockings on the cover for this pressing. The Indian pressing of the CD features a large turquoise Gazing Ball on the cover, rather than the regular dark blue one, this is the only known localized edition of the album to have this color Gazing Ball.

International edition

Japanese edition

Thank you

To DJ White Shadow, Zedd, Madeon, Dave Russell, Nick Monson, Dino Zisis, Rick Rubin, T.I., Too $hort, Twista, R. Kelly, Bill Malina, Don Lawrence, Benjamin Rice and

To Troy Carter, Vincent Herbert, Jimmy Iovine and John Janick.

To the Haus of Gaga: Brandon Maxwell, Tara Savelo, Frederic Aspiras, Richy Jackson, Bobby Campbell, Lane Bentley, Sonja Durham, Lacee Franks, Perry Meek, Marla Weinhoff, Kimmi McAllister and Ashley Gutierrez.

To Jeff Koons, Inez+Vinoodh, Robert Wilson, Marina Abramovic, Stephen Gan, Klaus Biesenbach, Donatella Versace, Ruth Hogben, Petga, Terry Richardson, Swanson and Wiggins.

To the TechHaus: Max Weisel, Adam Debreczeni, and all of RelativeWave; Nancy Tilbury, Benjamin Males and all of Studio XO.

To the dancers, the band, Little Monsters, my family and Taylor. All my gratitude to you, for believing in and living the philosophy of ARTPOP.


Executive producer Lady Gaga and Vincent Herbert
Musical director Paul "DJ White Shadow" Blair
A&R Vincent Herbert for Streamline Records
Management Troy Carter for Atom Factory
Marketing Bobby Campbell for Atom Factory
Day to day management Lane Bentley for Atom Factory
Album cover and Package Desing Jeff Koons
Fashion director Brandon Maxwell for Haus of Gaga
Hair Frederic Aspiras for Haus of Gaga
Makeup Tara Savelo for Haus of Gaga
Creative coordinator Lacee Franks and Sonja Durham for Haus of Gaga
Interscope Records marketing Dyana Kass
Interscope Records international Jurgen Grebner, Tomoko Itoki and Brett Bracy
Publicity Amanda Silverman for 42 West
Dennis Dennehy for Interscope
Production coordinator Lisa Einhorn-Gilder for Streamline Records
Production Gretchen Anderson
A&R Administration Jennifer Paola Tees, Marta Navas and Jeanne Venton
Legal Kenneth R. Meiselas for Grubman Indersky & Shire, P.C.
Business affairs Erika Savage and Todd Douglas
Booklet Text layout Julian Peploe Studio
Booklet Photo credits: "Grazing Ball (Diana)" courtesy of Jeff Koons. 2013 © Jeff Koons.

"5 Minutes After the Philadelphia Experiment, 2010" courtesy of Tautvydas Davainis.
"Hatpin Urchin" courtesy of Kanzen Corporation. © Akiyoshi Kitaoka (北岡明佳) 2008
"Vector (image 147742568)" under license from © Excentro
"Ōuchi-Spillmann Illusion" courtesy of Prof. Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Based on a original image from the book "Hajime Ōuchi: Japanese Optical and Geometrical Art" (1977), published by and courtesy of Dover Publications, Inc.

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