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Alexander McQueen is a luxury fashion house founded by designer Lee Alexander McQueen (born in Lewisham, London, the UK on March 17, 1969 – died in Mayfair, London on February 11, 2010). Its current creative director is Sarah Burton. McQueen was also chief designer Givenchy from 1996 to 2001 and for founding his own label under the name Alexander McQueen. His achievements in fashion earned him four British Designer of the Year awards (1996, 1997, 2001 and 2003), as well as the CFDA's International Designer of the Year award in 2003.


2010 Tribute

The BRIT Awards performance of an acoustic rendition of "Telephone", was a dedication to the fashion designer, who had then-recently died by suicide. Along with this, she also debuted her newest creation, Emma, a keytar (Keyboard/Guitar).
About an hour prior to the starting time of the award ceremony, she commented on her Twitter page about her performance.

Tonight's performance is inspired by our friend. Mask by Philip Treacy, Sculpture by Nick Knight, Music by Lady Gaga. We miss you.

—Lady Gaga

"Fashion of His Love" is a song Gaga wrote to him as a tribute. His name "McQueen" is mentioned in the second verse. The song was one of the first song written for her third album, Born This Way.

Visionaire 58 - Spirit: A Tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen

Photo by Matthew Williams

A limited-edition of 1500 numbered copies of Visionaire's tribute to Alexander McQueen. The issue included a collection of images by Nick Knight, Gaga, Steven Klein, Mario Sorrenti and more, each printed on a piece of paper embedded with wildflower seeds that will actually blossom if you plant them and give them enough sun. Plus, the case features a metalized brocade detail from the designer's final collection. All in all, a very romantic collector's piece.



Fall/Winter 1995 "Highland Rape" RTW Collection

Fall/Winter 1996 "Dante" RTW Collection

Spring/Summer 1997 "La Poupée" RTW Collection

  1. Shaun Leane for AM.

Fall/Winter 1998 "Joan" RTW Collection

Spring/Summer 2002 "Dance of the Twisted Bull" RTW Collection

Spring/Summer 2003 "Irere" RTW Collection

Fall/Winter 2006 "The Widows of Culloden" RTW Collection

Spring/Summer 2007 "Sarabande" RTW Collection

Fall/Winter 2007 "In Memory of Elizabeth Howe, Salem, 1692" RTW Collection

  1. Shaun Leane for AM.

Spring/Summer 2008 "La Dame Bleue" RTW Collection

  • [A] ^aCustom made by Alexander McQueen, based off of the Spring/Summer 2008 collection.

Fall/Winter 2008 "The Girl Who Lived In The Tree" RTW Collection

  • [B]^b Bought at Daphne Guinness' Auction at Christie's for the Isabella Blow Foundation for £85,250 (approximately $133,000)

Spring/Summer 2009 "Natural Dis-tinction Un-natural Selection" RTW Collection

Fall/Winter 2009 "Horn of Plenty" RTW Collection

Pre-Spring 2010 Collection

Spring/Summer 2010 "Plato's Atlantis" RTW Collection

Plato's Atlantis by Alexander McQueen was the Spring/Summer 2010 show, presented in Paris, and was made available for streaming live on the internet. The live webcast had glitches, reportedly from Lady Gaga sending tweets to her fans in regards to the debut of her single, "Bad Romance". Alexander McQueen brought out the imagination of ancient history and myth in a show, using symbolic animal and alien-like fashion. Plato’s Atlantis reveals a blend of historical and futuristic imagery that depicts the imagination of the Atlantean mythology. Snakes, water, animal prints and moving camera’s that resemble animal-like machines brings the viewer into a world of Atlantean ambiance of the technologically advanced. Some of the clothes used in the show were worn in the music video for "Bad Romance", such as the Dragon Heels (12 inches, iridescent black, white) and the Armadillo Stilettos (12 inches, snake pattern).

Pre-Fall 2010 Collection

Fall/Winter 2010 "Angels and Demons" RTW Collection

Spring/Summer 2011 RTW Collection

Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

Fall/Winter 2011 RTW Collection

  • [A] ^a Bought at Daphne Guinness' Auction at Christie's for the Isabella Blow Foundation

Spring/Summer 2012 RTW Collection

Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Fall/Winter 2012 RTW Collection

Pre-Spring 2013 Collection

Spring/Summer 2013 RTW Collection

  • [A] ^a Honeycomb Heroine bag.

Fall 2013 Collection

Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Spring 2015 RTW Collection

Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Fall 2015-2016 Collection

Fall/Winter 2016 RTW Collection

Fall/Winter 2018 RTW Collection

Fall/Winter 2019 RTW Collection

Spring/Summer 2020 RTW Collection

Fall/Winter 2020 RTW Collection


  1. Based off Fall/Winter 2010 RTW Collection (dress)
  2. Based off Fall/Winter 2008 RTW Collection (cape)
  3. Based off Spring/Summer 2007 RTW Collection (black lace, top bustier and dress)



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