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AccorHotels Arena (originally known as Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy and formerly known as Bercy Arena) is an indoor sports arena and concert hall, that is located on boulevard de Bercy, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, France. The closest métro station is Bercy. It has a seating capacity ranging from 7,000 to 20,300, depending on the event.

May 21-22, December 20-21, 2010

This concert is part of the revamped Monster Ball Tour. Originally, the concerts during December were intended to be on the 22nd and 23rd of October, but the concerts were postponed to December 19th and 20th. However, due to a blizzard on the 19th that concert was rescheduled for the 21st.

Additional notes:

  • "Vanity" was not performed during December shows.
  • On December 21st, the last show of 2010, Lady Gaga threw her shoes to the audience after the show, as a tradition in the dance community.
  • During the same date, Posh! The Prince was absent during this show. Therefore, dancer Victor replaced Posh for the "explaining the Monster Ball" dialogue.
Set list
Act I: NYC
 1. Jumping Film
 2. "Dance In the Dark"
 3. "Glitter and Grease"
 4. "Just Dance"
 5. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
 6. "Vanity" (May 21st-22nd only)
 7. "The Fame"
Act II: NYC Subway
 8. Puke Film
 9. "LoveGame"
10. "Boys Boys Boys"
11. "Money Honey"
12. "Telephone"
13. "Brown Eyes"
14. "Stand By Me" (May 21st-22nd only)
15. "Speechless"
16. Twister Film
17. "So Happy I Could Die"
Act III: Central Park
18. Antler Film
19. "Monster"
20. "Teeth"
21. "Alejandro"
22. Monster Film (Manifesto of Little Monsters)
23. "Poker Face"
Act IV: The Monster Ball
24. Apocalyptic Film
25. Battling a Paparazzo ("Paparazzi")
26. "Bad Romance"
27. Fan Film

November 24, 2014

Part of artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball.

February 20-21, 2018

  • This shows of the Joanne World Tour was originally planned take place on October 6 & 7, 2017 but was postponed from original events to February 20 & 21, 2018 due to hospitalization for body pain, but was cancelled again due to body pain caused by fibromyalgia.


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