AMP Radio

97.1 AMP Radio (KAMP FM) is a radio station broadcast in Los Angeles, CA, features largely current Top 40 (CHR).

July 26, 2011Edit


Performance Edit

Set list:
  1. "Yoü and I"

August 13, 2013Edit

Lady Gaga did an interview on "Live with Carson Daly".
8-13-13 97.1 AMP Radio - Carson Daly (Part 1)
8-13-13 97.1 AMP Radio - Carson Daly (Part 2)

Transcription of the interview is missing (please help)

Important information revealed during the interview:
Lady Gaga will perform an hour of brand new music at iTunes Festival on September 1st
Terry Richardson filmed Lady Gaga’s surgery for the documentary
ArtRave will take place in NYC
Fans will be able to upload, share, and create their own music on the ARTPOP app
There will be a livestream for iTunes Festival

November 26, 2013Edit


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