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A list of events which occurred on the 9th of May.

"Thank you for all my mother's day wishes little monsters! You make me so happy, I am so blessed and grateful to have u in my life. I love u!" 12:35 PM via OpenBeak
"#AlejandroIsUrDaddy is TRENDING? Little Monsters are crazy?! (me and redone laughing on floor of studio) U are so funny! Thank u we love u!" 16:57 PM via OpenBeak
" I am so blessed to have you little monsters + gagadaily. These videos you send and make for me mean the world. :*(" 17:20 PM via OpenBeak
"So sweet for MarryTheNightBTW These Brooklyn nails are not suitable for twitter. TheEdgeOfGlory in 6 hours. X" 6:56 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"'I need a man who thinks it right when it's so wrong, right on the limits where we know we both belong'. 2.5 hours until glory." 10:42 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song. It means so much to ME. Here it is THE EDGE OF GLORY:" 2:12 PM 9 via web
"Obama, congratulations on being the first sitting President to support marriage equality. Feels like the future, and not the past. #NoFear" 6:08 PM via Twitter for iPad

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