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A list of events which occurred on the 9th of January.

"Just spent the morning at kuma's, judas priest burger and cheap beer, denim +leather, brought us all together." 1:11 PM via web
"And there you have it! Fell asleep in coma after eating so here's the morning report. Avec les pommes de terres!" 12:18 PM via Twitpic
  • Gaga was seen taking pics with a few fans in Vancouver, Canada.
"Depression is just like any season, it will change, and before you know it you will see the first flower blooming. Then another. Then another. Before you know if your whole life will be in bloom. And you'll no longer remember the winter."
"Please love me I'm cute" Via
"Just another day at the office #HausWork by sarahtannomakeup" via Twitter
"The Foo Fighters were so incredible tonight, monster fury rock n' roll, 20 years of locked precision.…" via Twitter
"Me and Tony tonight. Just giving big ups to the boss. I love being his go go girl." via Twitter
"She is such a brat I can't take it. That face says "But mommy your fashun are comfy for my tushie"" via Twitter
"So happy for and proud of my sweetie for winning People's Choice Award for his acting on @NBCChicagoFire" via Twitter

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