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A list of events which occurred on the 6th of June.

"wow, this is so awesome. choked up. my favorite song i think i've ever written. can't wait for you to see vid. http://tinyurl.com/3lbx9gz" 9:10 AM via web
"Getting ready with my sister for the CFDA Fashion Awards. Eyebrows burning with bleach. I should just friggin shave them. Amen, Fashion." 1:56 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"@ladystarlightny is here! We're having a blast. Wait till you see her amazing show!" 4:18 AM via Twitter for iPad
"@tarasavelo and @ladystarlightny said my Twitter photo looks like I'm asking my Dad for money. Ahhh!ahahahaha #OnlyFriendsWillSayTheTruth" 4:21 AM via Twitter for iPad
"The awkward moment when Lady Gaga thinks you dress weird." Retweeted by Lady Gaga @ 7:48 AM via Write Longer
"is there something wrong with weird. @ibra_Gaga ( khaki cargos might slightly upset me)" 7:55 AM via Twitter for iPad
"Holllllly muthhhheeeerr! New Zealand get ready I'm feeling particularly pumped tonight!!" 9:18 PM via Twitter for iPad
"Somebooody got to hear all my new music last night.......*cough cough* @ladystarlightny..feel free to heckle her" 9:23 PM via Twitter for iPad

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