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A list of events which occurred on the 6th of January.

  • Gaga posted episode twenty-eight of Gagavision, "The Cherrytree House", which contained footage of Gaga's sessions at The Cherry Tree House which were recorded at some point in November 2008.
"To my little monsters, I am so sick over the 2 venues that were moved for Monsterball,and am sincerely sorry to all my fans who lost seats" 12:49 PM via web
"A serious error was made by my production staff, and it is so unfair to you, who are so loyal.My show was not designed to fit in this venue" 12:50 PM via web
"The monsterball was moved so we could still perform, not to sell more tickets. I promise to make it up to you, you are everything to mexgaga" 12:51 PM via web
"Been reading a lot. Thinking about an OSHO tattoo. Gonna do a glass of vodka+write some music today. Can't wait to show you the new stage." 9:38 AM via web
1-6-12 01
"What a dolly RT@ladygaga my new tattoo. For the world to know that I love you+you are everything to me. <3 via @twitpic" 5:58 PM via Tweet Button
1-6-12 02
"oh my! and this one looks just like mine!! So amazing! #Monstercorn RT @EmilytheUnicorn @ladygaga" 6:04 PM via web
"I just did little monster ;-) RT @thefaithmonster I wonder if @LadyGaga will ever notice my tweets :-(" 6:06 PM via web
"If I was a computer genius I would get drunk tonight+create a twitter friendly monster paw emotican. *dialing Haus* any thoughts twitterland" 6:09 PM via web
"Nice try. Never late. Just Fashionable! RT @aprilxtaylor well, instead, can u get drunk + accidentally give tour dates? please lateygaga" 6:18 PM via web

  • Gaga was seen taking pics with a few fans in Chicago.
  • The second episode of SMAPxSMAP Gaga was in aired today. It was recorded on November 28th, 2013.
"In this lifetime how will you use the power in your voice? Will you give back to the world what you receive, or are you just taking?" via Twitter
  • Gaga performed for the crowd at the CES 2016 convention.
"Me and Taylor at his screening for 'The Forest.' I can't wait for it to come out so you all can…" via Twitter

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