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A list of events which occurred on the 29th of July.

Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue perforned at the Mercury Lounge.
"So jealous wanna die my best friends are seeing glasvegas and I'm nottt with them.. geraldine! I will wear raybans and do my makeup instead." 11:51 PM via web
"Days off in the AZ Desert: Cactus fashion + Tequila. Can't make me take off my leather, I would rather faint http://twitpic.com/29thds" 2:31 PM via Twitpic
"@hausofnicole u are a truly sweet + wonderful fan. Just woke up + saw many of your tweets. You're a dolly. Having a whiskey for you." 3:15 PM via web
"How are little monsters? I had so much fun performing last night, I miss touring. I could have gone another hour." 3:24 PM via web
"It will be out in a couple weeks! @GagaFatale RT @ladygaga When is the video out for YOU+I. Can't wait to see it! love you." 3:36 PM via web
"@6pawsup for whatever reason I feel more comfortable dancing on the piano than the floor. I started as a pianist. Maybe because its bar size" 3:44 PM via web
"Jesus Christ and John Lennon @judaskissme RT @ladygaga if you could collab with any legendary artist dead or alive who would it be?" 3:47 PM via web
"Its nice to dance but sometimes u must cry to make the next dance better @luhgaga RT U were the 1 to draw tears from my eyes to hear u sing." 3:55 PM via web

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