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A list of events which occurred on the 28nd of June.

"Thank you so much for my first BET award ever, with Honey B! Videophone won VIDEO OF THE YEAR! Paws up for B! X Mother Monster." 4:39 AM via OpenBeak
"After marathons of Cops, parties w rocknrollers, cookin for dad+ drinkin beers, I announce: THE MONSTER BALL NORTH AMERICAN TOUR SUMMER 2010" 5:29 PM via web
6-28-11 WideScramble 003.jpg
"http://twitpic.com/5i0gbh - Tokyo Love! Thank you to Hello Kitty for sending me special designed Gagasan Airport Kitty! Kawaii!" 12:33 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
6-28-11 02.jpg
"http://twitpic.com/5i1384 - HAIR BERET" 1:49 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"INTERVIEW IN JAPAN: GAGAPANDA! PART 1: http://t. co/iTBzF7F PART 2: http://t. co/pZK0617" 2:06 AM via web
"I am a passionate fashion collector & feel honored to support The Isabella Blow Foundation. Daphne Guinness is a pioneer for artistic women" 10:06 PM via Twitter for iPad
"@therealdaphne my lovely friend, see you soon. Your pieces shall not be scattered to the winds. Will be kept impeccable for you to visit." 10:09 PM via Twitter for iPad
"The auction, in conjunction with Isabella's foundation, felt like fashion's Super Bowl, and my home team was winning for the first time." 10:11 PM via Twitter for iPad
"May my archive be ever expanding. I will not catalog these pieces by their designers. Your wing @therealDaphne is titled *Vintage Guinness*" 10:14 PM via Twitter for iPad
Lady Gaga performed at Pride in New York City. She performed The Star Spangled Banner and gave a speech before performing. She also was seen leaving.
Gaga was also photographed by Terry Richardson before, during and after the event.
Lady Gaga posted a picture of her dog Asia on Instagram.
Gaga also tweeted:
"I am SO EXCITED for artRave tonight. All my friends are HERE! and monsters are out of their lairs in full force owning AC!"
Lady Gaga posted 5 pictures on Instagram.
"Mom jeans with bras. You saw it here first. #MonsterStyle"
"Istanbul? Who are these "leaders"! Stop attacking innocent happy people who are celebrating this is madness! This is inhumane!"
"Governor! Set an example for people to celebrate both Ramadan and Pride in PEACE, instead of dividing with violence! #OnurYuerueyuesue"
"Watching over Chicago Pride from my apartment and smiling so big. So many happy people. Happy pride!!… https://instagram.com/p/4fTD4PJFOO/"
"This is just about the coolest things I ever saw. It feels good to know how many of my friends and… https://instagram.com/p/4fTxrapFP-/"
"A funny chuckle for all those at Gay Pride! Miss Asia and @Coach wish u a CUTE and CUDDLY day!!"
"@TheJamieLee me neither. Old soul"''
Later that day, Gaga was also seen out in Chicago.
Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself on Instagram, showing off her new peach-blonde hairdo and tanking Little Monsters and Sonja Durham’s friends for all their support of her passing.
She was also active on her Instagram story, singing along with "Million Reasons" playing on the car-radio and posting another selfie.

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