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A list of events which occurred on the 26th of April.

"They tried to arrest me in Russia, for leather at St. Basil's. But all is calm in the red square, as I leave the east Parisbound." 11:06 PM via web
" So many tears, u make me whole little monsters. Without u, I would have no voice. Thank you :*(" 11:39 PM via web
"Gagavision no.44 coming 2morrow night, commemorating the last American MonsterBall. Hurts to write this. The stage is my home. #BornThisWay" 11:06 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"24 hrs until Opening Night of The Born This Way Ball. Here's one surprise until all is revealed! (yes it's a lunchbox)" 3:55 AM via Twitter for iPad
"Nervous for tonight. Hope I make little monsters happy and proud." 4:18 PM via Twitter for iPad
"This is a very special moment for Haus of Gaga. We thank you so much. Enjoy our music, fashion installations & pop performance art tonight." 7:39 PM via Twitter for iPad
"This is a necklace I'll give to the first monster in line every night at the Ball. It's a symbol of the "key" that opens the pit every night" 12:10 AM via Twitter for iPad
4-26-12 02
"The real monster pit key will be signed by this fan and returned to me. There'll be 110 necklaces&signatures Mar. 2013" 12:16 AM via Twitter for iPad
"Welcome to the #artRAVE -" via Twitter
"When the world is still asleep, it's so silent you could hear the tiniest creature. I just listen and walk slowly. A calm simple morning. 🐛" via Twitter
  • Gaga was seen on the set of "A Star Is Born" in Los Angeles, California.
4-26-18 Instagram 001
"Making music n’ stuff. 💕" via Twitter

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