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A list of events which occurred on the 23rd of March.

"in MN, fame ball continues. old gang from NY is here. Lady Starlight + Mr. L Carl. denim and leather, brought us all together.x" 9:46 AM via mobile web
"If you guys want extra info on what I'm up to follow Ladystarlightny on twitter. she's on fameball. Xxexclusive. Heavymetal queen. Sleaze." 5:14 PM via web
"What mayhem in Melbourne tonight. Some kids just understand what it means live your eyeliner, breathe your lipstick, and kill for eachother." 5:34 AM via web
"@perezhilton happy birthday my darling friend. may your party be blessed with innappropriate shennanigans, caviar, and heavy gifts. Lovewife" 6:42 PM via web
"#MyFavoriteGagaAlbumIs The next one." 12:34 PM via web
"Thank you so much everyone for making my new single release so memorable! 💘 If U haven't yet, WATCH 'G.U.Y.' 💞" via Twitter
"Ok monsters let's TREND IT #WatchGUYOnVevo #NewGagaSingleGUY 💗💙💜💚" via Twitter
"That thank you trend was really sweet and made me smile so much. Thank you monsters, I made it for you !" via Twitter
"HERE'S the G.U.Y Single Cover. We love this photograph." via Twitter
"Love you monsters, writing songs. Miss u all the time ❤️'" via Twitter

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