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A list of events which occurred on the 21st of August.

  • Lady Gaga performed at the Club Seven in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
" - Portland. NY. KISS. Tacoma. 22 hrs. No worry little monsters, on the plane. Wouldn't miss the ball!" 11:40 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"An inaugural message (sent while changing backstage at The Monster Ball in Tacoma) from Tween Gaga" 9:51 PM via web
"The news of Bradley Manning's sentencing is devastating. If our own can't speak up about injustice who will? How will we ever move forward?"
"Radio radio radio! How I missed taking to all my favorite DJs and programmers, thank you for your time and for playing 'Applause!"
"I am failing with my tweets this week hold please!"
"Applause debuted #3 on the @billboard DIGITAL CHARTS! Wooh Wooh Wooh! Im happy to be back :) #4DaysTillVmas sorry for all the typos lately!"
"Off to rehearsal! Getting lots of requests for rehearsal pics. Hmmmm...let me see what I can do!"
"@iamjimmey duh!"
"@feupus_Obrien so am I! I can't wait!"
"@fckhigh that is exciting! Choreography can be done laying down I've done it! See #MattressGirl"
"Yes i am so grateful, i cant wait to perform for you! RT @alin_little: you debuted at #1 in Spain are you proud of your Spanish monsters?"
"thank you @DitaVonTeese for the black swan loan! I adore you! Don't you just hate it when you run out of taxidermy swans"
  • Lady Gaga was seen leaving her apartment in New York City.
  • Gaga gave a phone call interview on KISS FM UK.
  • Gaga was seen in the evening leaving her apartment. She went to a studio then returned to her apartment.

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