This page is an archive of fashion credits for the month of February 2018.

United Kingdom February 1

Joanne World Tour: Genting Arena

Leaving Genting Arena in Birmingham

Lady Gaga wears an overall by Sandro, a vintage coat by Chanel, boots by Mercer Amsterdam, and earrings by Beck and Joanna Laura Constantine.


Thank you, Birmingham. This photo says it all. #JoanneWorldTour #JoanneWorldTourBirmingham
Are you ready Birmingham? (watch the whole video) #JoanneWorldTourBirmingham

United Kingdom Us.png February 3



I love you, monsters ❤️

Us.png February 4


Playing the Super Bowl last year was indescribable. It changed my life! So excited to see what Justin’s going to do, I know it will be amazing! #SB52 #SuperBowl #Superbowl52

Us.png February 5


Us.png February 6


"While I’m resting I’ll be spending more time on our social media website/app for fans... get app for free here. …"
Lady Gaga wears a kimono by Indah.
A must watch....the littlest and sweetest #Joanne

Us.png February 7


It’s been just about 1 year since my Super Bowl Haltime show! Celebrate by watching here 🤗🐰💕

Us.png February 10

Lady Gaga wears a sweater by Saint Laurent.

Us.png February 18


Us.png February 19


I miss u. #LittleMonsters
Parkland Survivors and others that are standing up through the media are so brave and are true role models. I’m speechless at their courage. And so proud that these kids and young adults are our future. #GunControl #ParklandStudents The question now is will our leaders listen.

Us.png February 22


Thanks for remembering guys!! 💕


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