Us.png October 2


"This is terrorism plain and simple. Terror bares no race, gender or religion. Democrats & Republicans please unite now #guncontrol "
"4 anyone who'd like to join, I'm doing a 20 minute moment of meditation/silence/prayer on my InstagramLive for calming of the @ 3:30 PST"

Us.png October 7


"Thank you @gigihadid & @tommyhilfiger for these generous gifts during my time of healing. Totally my style and so thoughtful and bad ass. My favorite combination. #tommyxgigi"

Us.png October 8


"After rollin around on the couch feeling sad with the help of some of my #grigiogirls and a very special someone I managed to dress up and feel better in a beautiful pink sequined dress generously gifted to me from @oscardelarenta Sonja would want us to celebrate her Birthday. So we are. Dressed in Pink and handing out pink chocolate kisses for #breastcancerawareness"
"I 💗 you forever Sonja. #breastcancerawareness #womenempowerment"
"I wear some of @sonjad7777 Sonja’s ashes around my neck in a black pearl given to me by her husband & widower @viegitane007 André Dubois. My extended family @angiepontani, mother of my godchild Sissy and wife of @briannewmanny my buddy I’ve played jazz with in NY for over ten years told us she had a dream. That we could talk to Sonja through her pearls. And I will Sonja. I Will. Happy Birthday. I love you. 🎀 💗 #breastcancerawareness #breastcancer #womenempowerment"
Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Oscar de la Renta.

Us.png October 10


"‪YAY! Today’s #WorldMentalHealthDay 🎉🎈Just a reminder I invite u to meditate/quietmind/pray on Instagram Live w/ me @4pm PST @btwfoundation"
Kindness Matters: Youth with high mental health inventory scores are significantly more likely to describe their environments as kind. 79% of “mentally healthy” high schoolers say their schools are kind places.
However, 61% of youth describe themselves as stressed and 1 in 4 say they are nervous all or most of the time. 90% of youth think mental health is an important priority but less than half talk about it with anyone. ☹️ These statistics are highlights from a “Kind Communities Survey” done by @btwfoundation with Benenson Strategy Group. It focused on youth (15-24) and parents to explore the factors that impact youth mental wellness including a their relationship and environment.
So simply, #BeKind #BeKind #WorldMentalHealthDay #BornThisWay #BornThisWayFoundation #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety''
"The National Institute of Mental Health’s research shows 1 in 5 adults in America experience a mental illness. More than 18% , 42 million people in America live with an anxiety disorder, 16 million have experienced a major depressive episode in the past year.
National Alliance on Mental Illness research tells us depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide AND serious mental illness costs America more than $193 billion in lost earnings every year due to the affects these mental health issues have on people’s ability to work, be functional, & provide for themselves and others.
Jama Network research tells us 50% of all chronic mental illnesses begin by the age of 14 and 75% by the age of 24.
@btwfoundation #BeKind #WorldMentalHealthDay #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Panic #Panicdisorder #Meditation

Us.png October 12


"Thank you @sakspotts for this dope jacket and @pollyplume for the beautiful sparkly boots. Slowly coming back to life. With some exciting tour announcements on the way! 🌸🎉🎀"
"Nothing like studio therapy. Thank you @juicycouture for these awesome sparkly track shorts and comfy top. Had so much fun in the studio. Made me feel like a star 💫 like the ones in the sky, you know..the real kind."
"Tough girl on the mend."
Lady Gaga wears a coat by Saks Potts and boots by Polly Plume.

Us.png October 13



"What’s fashionable gal to do when it rains? Wear a raincoat gown by @bjornborg ☔️"
"@bjornborg 💄💋🤘💦"
Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Bjorn Borg.

Us.png October 15



Us.png October 16


Lady Gaga wears a blazer by Versace and sunglasses by Garrett Leight.


"Wishing you a peaceful and calm evening. Or maybe even a wild one that lets off some steam. Sending #LoveToTheTwitterverse and beyond. ❤️"

Us.png October 18


"Juan Vidal. Fashuns in the studio. #ladygaga #fashion #juanvidal and some very exciting accessories. Headband by @joannehynes"
"Haus of Gaga stuntin"
"Music or whatever. 🎼🎤"
Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Juan Vidal, a necklace by Marc Jacobs, an earring by Erickson Beamon, and a headband by Joanne Hynes.

Us.png October 19


"@bjornborg #fashion #yoga #gyrotonic #pilates"
"@bjornborg #athletic fashun can happen anywhere"

Out in Portland

Us.png October 21


"Baptism Chic thank you bestie @brandonmaxwell for lending me this pink chic knitwear separates and ‘B’ belt I love!"
"Stopped off to see my best girlfriends first baby get christened, where are we off to next? Any guesses?"
Lady Gaga wears sunglasses by Illesteva.
"@brandonmaxwell The earrings the bags the ACCESSORIES!!!! 💕 "
"What’s a girl to do, but red,white and blue?#OneAmericaAppeal"
"It was an honor to be invited by these five living Presidents to perform and speak at this historic event where we put our differences aside,and put humanity first in the face of catastrophe.#OneAmericaAppeal"
"Thank you for establishing a mental health and trauma recovery fund within #OneAmericaAppeal which I donated to personally for Hurricane Relief. The @btwfoundation is in awe of this commitment to rebuilding these communities emotionally and psychologically."

One America Appeal Benefit Rehearsal

Later that day, after arriving in Houston, Lady Gaga was spotted rehearsing for her performance at the One America Appeal benefit of that night in the Reed Arena.

One America Appeal Benefit

Later that day, Lady Gaga performed at the One America Appeal benefit. Gaga performed at the piano, and, before performing, gave a beautiful speech about what all the people there had to go through and what Gaga herself did for the charity.

Set List
  1. "Million Reasons"
  2. "Yoü and I"
  3. "The Edge of Glory"


Us.png October 23

Malibu Mansion

Us.png October 24


Leaving Starbucks in Malibu

Leaving Hotel in LA

Dodger Stadium in LA

Lady Gaga wears a bodysuit by Wolford, shorts by Levi's, pumps by Jimmy Choo, sunglasses by Kiss Eyewear, and a handbag by Pop and Suki.

Us.png October 25

'It's On Us' message from Gaga & Vice President Joe Biden

Us.png October 29

Christian Carino's IG


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