Us.png March 3


"I live for this❤🙏my fans touch my heart so deeply I can barely express it in words "
"love this ❤✅ "
"Love is knowing you were born this way! Support @BTWFoundation and help share kindness & compassion at #lovein3words"

Us.png March 6


"❤❤❤🔥🌈love u "
"❤❤❤when your fans are superstars❤🎉 "


Lady Gaga wears a shirt and a bandana by Adam Selman, and a jacket by Roberta Einer.

Us.png March 7

Out in Los Angeles

Lady Gaga wears sunglasses by Marilyn Monroe Eyewear.

Us.png March 10

Starbucks in Malibu

Us.png March 12

Our Lady Of Malibu Catholic Church in Malibu

Us.png March 13


"😂the jump at the end! ❤I love you my littlest monsters!! "


"Can't wait for COACHELLA! Until then studio studio studio✌️🌈💋"

Us.png March 17


"Loving the new official #MillionReasons remix from Andrelli"
"Happy Birthday Lee. There will never be another like you. I'll cherish your passion & creativity 4ever. Unique doesn't begin to describe u."

Us.png March 18

Sonja's wedding in LA

Us.png March 25

At Elton John's 70th Birthday Celebration at Red Studios in Los Angeles

Set list:
  1. "Born This Way"
  2. "Happy Birthday" with Stevie Wonder
  3. "Bad Romance"

Us.png March 28


" 🎉🎂 "
"I don't know how to thank my fans enough for the love you have shown me over the years and always on my birthday. Today I have focused on smiling about all that I'm grateful for and reflecting on the last ten years of music and performances we have shared together. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to mold my fantasies into reality. Embrace your differences, celebrate who you are, it's in the unique parts of you that greatness hides. Don't be afraid to find it. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. I ❤You."


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