This page is an archive of fashion credits for the month of December 2017.


Us.png December 1

Joanne World Tour: Amalie Arena


Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Alexis Mabille, a necklace by Martine Ali, and sunglasses by Krewe.

Us.png December 3


"Music 🎶 saves my soul.
"-Bertrand Russell"
"Nothing like a blank canvas.💋🎶"
Lady Gaga wears a dress by Wolford, a cape by Osman, boots by Havva Mustafa, earrings by Lauren Klassen, and a hat by Manokhi.

Joanne World Tour: Toyota Center

Backstage Meet & Greet

Lady Gaga wears custom shorts and a bra by Natali Germanotta, boots by Tres Outlaws Boot Co, and a hat by Gladys Tamez.

Us.png December 5

Joanne World Tour: Frank Erwin Center

At Antone's Nightclub in Austin


Set list
  1. "I Can't Give You Anything But Love"
  2. "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye"
Lady Gaga wears a bra by Victoria's Secret, an outfit by Miaou, boots by Schutz, and a choker by Manokhi.


Us.png December 6

At Vintage Grocers Store in Malibu

Lady Gaga wears boots by Corral, and a hat by Gladys Tamez.


Saying a prayer and sending loving thoughts to those suffering in California due to these horrible fires. No one deserves to lose their home, and during the holidays this is especially traumatic. Praying for you and that you find some peace and the flames settle.
Lady Gaga via Twitter for iPhone

Us.png December 7

Leaving a grocery store in LA

Lady Gaga wears a dress by Wolford, and a coat by Versace.

At her mansion in Malibu

Lady Gaga wears boots by Corral.

Us.png December 8

Joanne World Tour: American Airlines Center


"#JoanneWorldTourDallas #ladygaga #gaga @versace #gianniversace Spring/Summer 1992 from @williamvintage IM SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHTS SHOW!!! 😭😭❤️#Dallas #texas"
"#joanneworldtour #joanneworldtourdallas #ladygaga #gaga #fashion #gianniversace Spring/Summer 1992 @versace @williamvintage #dallas #texas"
"In the dressing room getting ready for tonights show! I remember when I used to play the Round Up Saloon here in 2008! Memories 😌🤘❤️❤️🎶Up #littlemonsters #monsters #fashion #ladygaga #gaga #joanneworldtour #Dallas #texas thanks @williamvintage for this amazing #vintage Spring/Summer 1992 Gianni @Versace gem!"

Out and about in LA

Lady Gaga wears an outfit, earrings, and shoes by Versace, a choker by Eddie Borgo, and a handbag by Saint Laurent.

Us.png December 9


"We made it from #Dallas to #JoanneWorldTourOklahomaCity can’t wait to get out there and have some real fun with you tonight ! Paws up little monsters to another SOLD OUT SHOW! let me see your outfits!!!"
Lady Gaga wears boots by Schutz.


"3 Am in Dallas Texas. Vintage dress and Shoes are @schutzoficial "
"on the way to #JoanneWorldTourOklahomaCity"
"Are you ready #JoanneWorldTour #OklahomaCity We made it! And I’m warming up for the show!! ❤️"

At The Jones Assembly in Oklahoma

Lady Gaga wears a coat by John Galliano, sunglasses by Le Specs, and a handbag by Saint Laurent.

Joanne World Tour: Chesapeake Energy Arena

Us.png December 10


"During times like this in the world I open my eyes and heart to the spiritual world and I swear I can see them. Hovering all around like angels to help us grieve tragedy. This was my window today."
"#breakfast in #Oklahoma... cinnamon tea and bacon. YUM!"
"I peered out my window today in search of God, humbly awaiting his response to my prayers. I was so grateful for this window. It was magic, but real, and right in front of me."

Us.png December 11


"#hausofgaga holiday party. I’m Santa’s naughty elf. Mistress Claus. 😂 #holiday"
"Happy Holidays from the #HausOfGaga. We love you and wish you lots of cheers and no tears! 🎄🎅🤶 #holiday #ladygaga #gaga #party photo by @alex.j.dolan"
Lady Gaga wears a custom outfit by Samuel Ososki, stockings by Leg Avenue, shoes by Pleaser, earrings by Konplott, cuffs by Chanel, and a ring by Miles Kimball.
"Naughty Elves. Ears on ears. Me and @tomeerebout #holidayparty #holiday #ladygaga #gaga #elf #elves #merrychristmas #happyholidays"
"Happy e*fin holidays!"
"Are you on the naughty or nice list this year? #holiday #holidayparty #merrychristmas #happyholidays #naughty #nice #ladygaga #gaga"
"#happyholidays Baby It’s Cold Outside 🎅☃️❄️❄️"

Us.png December 12


"I’ve seen a lot of rumors on the internet that for “A Star Is Born” I’ll be billed as Stefani, but that’s not the case. It’s Lady Gaga, baby! "

Joanne World Tour: Pepsi Center

Backstage Meet & Greet

Lady Gaga wears a custom shorts and a bra by Natali Germanotta, boots by Tres Outlaws Boot Co, and a hat by Gladys Tamez.

Us.png December 13


"My favorite warm cozy jacket this season. @chenpengstudio "
Lady Gaga wears a jacket by Chen Peng.
"Wearing @chenpengstudio in Salt Lake City Utah! having so much fun on the #joanneworldtour"
"When you’re feeling the holiday blues so you find the bar and hide in your puffy coat by @chenpengstudio #ladygaga #gaga #fashion #christmasgifts #happyholidays"

Us.png December 14

Instagram / Alex Dolan

"In @garethpughstudio backstage at the #joanneworldtour Earrings @mariablackjewellery Future Graphic black and glossy eye periwinkle metallic with black liner. Hair shellacked on too wet cascading down metal turtleneck/hood in a stormy cloud after sunset blond. @sarahtannomakeup hair @fredericaspiras styling @tomeerebout @sandraamador.xx Photography @alex.j.dolan #ladygaga #fashion #beauty #gaga #HausEditorials #hausofgaga"
Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Gareth Pugh, shoes by Pleaser, and earrings by Maria Black.
"Is it showtime yet Salt Lake City?"
"When my mind begins to wander I spend it being creative with my friends. Much better place to put your dreams, in the room, instead of leaving them in your head."

Instagram Story

Lady Gaga wears a sweatshirt by Baja East.

Joanne World Tour: Vivint Smart Home Arena

Us.png December 15


"In Las Vegas where I’m so happy. Right in the heart of showbiz baby!"
Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Edda Gimnes, a hat by Goorin Bros x Hills Hats, and sunglasses by Illesteva.
"Vegas baby in @edzgimnes !! I love this town ❤️"
"Love this hat by @goorinbros only 24 of them! Hand-made! ❤️☃️❄️keeps me warm, color-coordinated and stylish!"

Us.png December 16


"Gaga Guinness @daphne.guinness Miss my girl."
"On the way to see Lionel. 🌹"

Lionel Richie’s Concert In Las Vegas

Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Avtandil, earrings by Victoria Hayes, and a bag by Cafuné.

Joanne World Tour: T-Mobile Arena

Us.png December 17

Leaving Hotel in Las Vegas

Lady Gaga wears pants by Materiel, a blouse by Orseund Iris, and sunglasses by Illesteva.


"That’s Las Vegas Baby!"
"There is no greater feeling knowing I can be a part of the kindness in the arena every night with all of you. #LittleMonsters #Joanne my album is about family, relationship, pain and triumph. Thank you for the beautiful North American tour where a city girl traveled out west with a new hat to wear, a new perspective on life. Cheers to tomorrow! Our last night at The Forum in Los Angeles. #joanneworldtour"

Instagram Story

Us.png December 18

Joanne World Tour: The Forum

Us.png December 19

Today Lady Gaga announced she would have her own Las Vegas Residency starting in December 2018.


"The rumors are true!!!!!💞"
"I’m gonna be a Las Vegas girl!! 💖"
"Thank you Richard, Bill and Chris for making my dream come true! I was made for this town, and I can’t wait to light up the Park Theater like never before! 💝"
"The rumors are true I will have my own residency in Las Vegas at MGM’s Park Theater."
"I am SO HAPPY and excited beyond belief to make my own brand new show here with my new Vegas family."
"And I couldn’t have done it without my amazing fans, little monsters and team. We love you so much. Meet me in Las Vegas!! This is just the beginning of a new era! And thank you to the best manager in the world @wanaynay on the right I love you!"
Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Fleamadonna, sunglasses by Le Specs, and shoes by Francesco Russo.

Us.png December 20

Leaving Little Beach House Restaurant in Malibu

Lady Gaga wears an outfit and rings by Versace, boots by Azzedine Alaïa, sunglasses by Quay, and a handbag by Givenchy.

Us.png December 21

Recording Studio

BloodPop posted a picture of Gaga and him in the studio, rumored to be recording their new collaboration.

Us.png December 22

Leaving a Grocery Store in Malibu

Gaga was seen along with her boyfriend Christian Carino leaving a few grocery stores in Malibu.

Us.png December 23


"❄️☃️wishing you a warm and happy holiday."
Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Versace, and a hat by Gladys Tamez.
"I wish you a healthy holiday filled with joy and laughter and only jeers no tears!"
"🎅❤️Can’t wait to make some cookies for Santa."

At Joanne Trattoria Restaurant in NYC

Lady Gaga wears a hat by Gladys Tamez.

Us.png December 26

At The Whitby Bar & Restaurant in NYC

Lady Gaga wears a handbag by Givenchy.


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