In this month, Gaga performed songs from "ARTPOP" at the ITunes Festival and did some more promotional interviews and performances for "Applause".


Gb.png September 1

Arriving at iTunes Festival

Gaga was seen arriving at iTunes Festival meeting with fans.


Gaga tweeted more Sex Dreams lyrics early in the morning.




Later in the day, Gaga tweeted before the iTunes festival.

"I can't believe it's finally here! Tonight I premiere/perform 7 new songs from ARTPOP! On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you? Monsters?"
"Less than two hours until my #iTunesFestival performance live from London! Stream live at … 9pm GMT / 4pm EST / 1pm PST"
"ONE HOUR TO GO! … #iTunesFestival #SWINEFEST"

iTunes Festival "SwineFest"

Main articles: ITunes Festival, Dave Hogan

Gaga performed a setlist of songs from her upcoming album ARTPOP.

Set list:
  1. "Aura"
  2. "MANiCURE"
  3. "ARTPOP"
  4. "Jewels and Drugs" (feat. T.I., Too Short and Twista)
  5. "Sex Dreams"
  6. "Swine"
  7. "I Wanna Be With You"
  8. "Applause"



  • Gaga was interviewed by Metro UK during backstage.
  • She gave another interview to 95-106 Capital FM where she revealed that one of the songs she performed on the iTunes Festival was in continuation to the "Telephone" Music video.
  • Both of these interviews were just text interviews published to the Internet.
  • Also she was interviewed by Los 40 Principales 105.5 FM Argentina.

Gb.png September 2

Leaving the Roundhouse Theatre

Gaga was seen leaving the Roundhouse Theatre just after midnight after her show at the iTunes Festival.

Boujis Club in London

Main article: Boujis

Gaga was seen arriving at Boujis Club early in the morning with Too $hort. Inside, Gaga rapped the song she wrote for ARTPOP called "Ratchet". "Ratchet" did not make the cut for ARTPOP unfortunately.

Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Thom Browne, shoes by Omar Angel Perez, and sunglasses by Tom Ford.

Returning at Hotel in London

M6 Interview

Main article: M6

Gaga did a interview for the French TV Channel.

VEVO Hot this Week: 3-28-14

Main article: Vevo

NRJ Music Awards 15th Edition Promo

Gaga filmed a promo video for the NRJ Awards.

ARTPOP DVD Japan Exclusive Interview

Lady Gaga recorded an interview to be specially included on the ARTPOP DVD for Japan.

What was the intension behind your new album ARTPOP?

Yes, well, I love this question because it's actually something that I thought a lot about when I was making ARTPOP. I thought about the intention of the work what did I want to accomplish with this record. And really what I wanted to accomplish is I wanted to define the kind of music that I've really been making from the beginning of my career but define it in a more simple way so that the fans could really understand it like almost cracking open my brain so that people could look inside of me. So, when I went through my earlier work and we talked through my music and all of my different influences I would realize that what I am is a Warhol fan, an obsessed Warhol fan, that came full circle. I fell so deeply in love with pop-- pop art. And then at some point once I had looked through it all and read through it all and obsessed over at all I realized that culture was now in a place for it to flip that it had also almost come so full circle that it was having a rebirth. And this rebirth is now that art culture is coming in to pop culture as opposed to Marilyn being the subject of the canvass, Marilyn herself is now the canvas. So, this is what art pop is all about. It's about making the artist the muse and the musician and the canvas and the work itself.

Do you listen to J-Pop music?

Yes, I'm of course, I listen to all different kinds of music and I love J-Pop, and I love the the freedom of the-- of the music, the energy and J-Pop is really powerful. And I'm always inspired by Japanese culture when working and I was very inspired by Japanese culture while I was making the album. I would say Japanese culture mixed with German underground art culture, and French dance music, and Chicago techno, and hip hop. These were the things I was thinking about.

What inspires you to make music?

I watched a lot of like 70's performance art films that were so, so inspiring and I also looked at a lot of fine art that I love. Jeff Koons, the amazing sculptor, he's one of if not the greatest fine living artists of our time. And Marina Abramović, my friend and mentor, and she's so incredible, and she looking into her work I became obsessed with freedom and how, like-- how could I free myself with this album, how could I make music that took me outside of the box of being what people think is expected of a pop singer, and how can I push the boundaries, and how can the music set me free of all that. So, and then also Robert Wilson who designed my stage for the VMA's and we worked on that performance with him. He is a legend in the theatrical sphere So, these are the sorts of things I was looking at while I was writing the music. But the music is intended to be fun, a good time. I just want people to listen to the music and have a good time.

Why did you choose "Applause" as the lead single?

Well, I never choose my singles, so I didn't actually choose it. But I thought it was a great choice as a lead single because the album is very eclectic and it goes on a journey, so it was more about what was the first statement that we wanted to make and I liked the statement that it made because it brings back some very old sentiments about show business that I feel are very very absent right now. This idea that the performer lives for the applause as opposed to living for the fame separate from the stage. I don't care about that kind of fame. Just having people's attention all the time what I crave is performing live and making a connection with my fans and hearing them cheer because they're happy.

How is ARTPOP different from your previous albums?

Well, it's completely different. I definitely evolve as much as I want to, I suppose, between each album. And The Fame going into The Fame Monster there was a definite shift in, I think the maturity of the-- of the dance elements in the music were more mature. They were also much darker, and that had more of a melancholy undertone. And I think that really brought out the aesthetic of monsters. And then we got to Born This Way which for me was a decision that I made to, to create a record that encapsulated me at 19 living in New York City, listening to metal, and techno, and glam rock, and writing an album that risked it all for a message about human rights and equality, that I care deeply about. It was something that I really needed to do as a, as a person I guess after all that success I didn't imagine that I would have an overwhelming feeling to give back and even if that album just, just touched one person. It was worth it to me to risk it all. And then you go to ARTPOP. And I want to celebrate the victory of Born This Way, the victory for me, of the fans lives that it did touch in a very deep way, in an intimate way. So, I made them a record to dance to. I made them a record to wipe their tears from Born This Way, and throw confetti, and kiss one another, and, and applaud one another in an age where a lot of people are cynical, and want you to tear each other down, and I wanted my fans to cheer each other on. That's what ARTPOP is about. Now let--, now let's go into the future,we've left the drift.

What is the principal message to your fans?

The principal message: I want them to feel that their creativity is an important part of them, no matter who they are. I want them to feel that they don't need to prove anything in order to be artistic or to be creative. I want them to feel a sense of ownership over their talents and cherish those things about themselves, and know that that part of them is what is going to be dictating pop culture in the future. You are the future of what we will see because commercialism now is so big, it's trash, it's everywhere, it's like fast food, because Warhol put the fast food on the canvas. But now it's time for the canvas to, to be more important than the fast food. And I want them to take that message with them. I want them to remember that being themselves and making what they love is more important than anything, more important than proving yourself, more important than validation from other people about your success or success belongs to you.

What is the concept behind the video for "Applause"?

Well, the concept behind the video for "Applause" that we did with Inez and Vinoodh are incredible, incredible photographers. And they have done some amazing film work as well so we did this together. And the whole concept of the video is I am this sort of classic figure, all in black, I didn't really want to wear any wigs. I don't know why it felt like it was defining me in a certain particular way that I didn't want to be defined anymore. So, it's it's me as a performer sort of performing desperately to be classic and to be simple, and to be minimal in that moment. I'm begging for, for simplicity. And then as that's happening a series of all my, my inspirations in a series of all the sort of movements in my career so far. They are doing magic tricks around me and they're sort of lo-fi. And the whole concept is that we would be do willing to do anything for applause, to make you happy, to entertain you. And then, by the end, I'm walking down the runway, and this archive [John] Galliano, and I'm crying holding my, my broken limb with a bouquet of flowers falling out of the hip and, and I'm, and I'm saying: I miss you, I miss you, I wish I could be with you. I live for this moment. Thank you for still being here. So, and that would be the message I would leave with my Japanese fans, too. I would, I would love to just say thank you for still being here. Aishitemasu [愛してます, eng. I love you].

Will there be a concert in Japan soon?

There will be. There will be eventually, you'll see.

Did you miss the world during your recovery?

Yes, I had, I just really realized for the first time that, you know, I knew the feeling was always inside of me that I felt conflicted about fame. But when I had to stop completely I realized that I, I didn't have any desires to go out and be seen without having a show, or a song, or an album out. I still dressed up but in my house and in private, not for others, but for me, and I felt that I was able to sort of once and for all in my heart be confident in my intentions and what I'm doing and my intention is that I have an insatiable needs to please people. And I have an insatiable need to make you happy through, through music. And that-- that's what I live for, not for the cameras and for the attention. I live for hearing my Japanese fans scream because they're just happy to see me.

What have you been doing to recover from your hip injury?

Well, I have been dancing, and that's been my favorite because all my muscles are waking up, and they really woke up this week. It was felt really weird [laughs]. But it was, it was, as I was saying, the other day I feel like Frankenstein, I feel like a-- I feel like a Japanese monster that's waki-- waking up. And it's a wonderful feeling. I feel stronger than ever in a way because I have nothing to lose, you know. I mean when, when, when that happened I didn't even know if I'd ever perform again. I didn't know if I would ever be able to dance again the way I was dancing before. And I, I just-- I'm so happy that everything's okay, that I can just be there from my fans again.

What is ARTPOP in Japan?

Uh, I mean, I'm sure everybody thinks that I would say Harajuku but I would say like all of Japan is ARTPOP and the reason is because, because I always feel that Japan is actually more ahead with technology all the time. There's something that's occurring where people are communicating with imagery. And in Japan you communicate with imagery everywhere: on the street signs outside much more than in America. The sense of visual stimulation and marketing is on a totally other level in Japan, especially in Tokyo. So, I would say that, um, I would say Japanese communication is ARTPOP. That's what I would say.


  • BBC Radio 1 (Recorded on August 29, 2013)
  • BBC Breakfast (Recorded on August 30, 2013)
  • Kiss FM UK (Recorded on August 30, 2013 and aired today)


After waking up later in the day, Gaga tweeted some about the festival last night. She also tweeted Adele.

"Thank You so much London for the incredible time at Roundhouse! Seeing you in all your costumed and smiling glory made me so happy!"
"@OfficialAdele i was as usual happy to see you again, and it was so kind of you to attend. I know the fans were excited to see you there!"
"This dress was designed by the TECHHAUS branch of Haus of Gaga. The dress blows bubbles on its own! It feels magical to wear!"
"@Johnmcmillan95 TECHERELLA i love that!"
"I just woke up and realized you heard 8 of 15 songs on ARTPOP. A big hug to all of you for making this a positive experience, sharing music."
"CAN I GO BACK ON TOUR NOW. I promise to be a good girl this time and not break anything."
"@TWISTAgmg does the pope wear a funny hat?"
"@TWISTAgmg do you breathe through your ears when your rapping don't lie to me"
"A big thank u 2 @TIP @TooShort @TWISTAgmg for makin 'Jewels & Drugs' w me + @djws. Pioneering poets who took a chance on me. All my respect"
"@joanneijoanna Haus Chef Nate is gay but had sex dreams about me on tour+would tell me every morning when he made breakfast, made me laugh!"
"@joanneijoanna I said those r criminal thoughts! Then writing,the song became bout the kind o' sex dreams that get u n trouble. moomba tango"
"#SexDreams is me talking to two different lovers. One im with in reality, the other in fantasy. (separated by me singing vs. speaking)."
"#SexDreams chorus is that moment when you wake up sweaty from that dream and laugh because you know you got away with something naughty!"
"@lorenzo1d go for it the world is your seashell! and you are its venus!"
"@chelsgaga176 thanks for making me feel welcome"
"Heading back to America! Looking forward to getting back to rehearsal, more performances of APPLAUSE coming your way soon!"

Gb.png Us.png September 3


"Join people all around the world today to speak out for equality in Russia! Find a local event at #Russia4Love"
"What a fantastic write-up by a glamrock fan, he knows so much about the artists I look up to! Way to bang the gong!"
"It relieves me when a I hear Marc Bolan's name echoing as you experience ARTPOP! Yes! How fantastic! If nostalgias for geeks then I am one!"
"Good luck darling! have fun! RT @ehehgian In moment I want that the my school playing Applause at a presentation orquestral right now."
"Thank You London for the hospitality, it was a true memory debuting my ARTPOP music in such a… "

Leaving Hotel

Lady Gaga wears a dress by Alexandre Herchcovitch, boots by Azzedine Alaïa, and sunglasses by Tom Ford. published an interview they did with Lady Gaga. Read full interview here.

The Bert Show

Gaga gave a telephone interview to The Bert radio show.

107.5 The River

Gaga gave a telephone interview to this radio station.


"Thank You London for the hospitality, it was a true memory debuting my ARTPOP music in such a wonderful place."

Leaving Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Gaga was seen arriving in Chicago, back in the United States again.

Lady Gaga wears socks by American Apparel, boots by Azzedine Alaïa, while she holds her glasses by Tom Ford.


Gaga got back on Twitter to ask fans to pick the second single from 4 choices presented.

"Proud of my girl @tamarbraxtonher! Her album 'LOVE+WAR' is available 2day + already #2 on iTunes! Check it monsters"
"OK MONSTERS! Now that you've seen some of ARTPOP Live, what would be YOUR pick for 2nd Single?
"Or are you an...
"@PrinceNeptune_ cuz i have to plan an epic video of course!!"
"@PRINCEAIRIK finally saw your twitter. followed you too"
"@denisgodoy im right here honey baby"

Us.png September 4


"@popjustice Well done w/ that. Thorough article even including diagrams! who says I don't agree...I mean I wrote it didn't I? :) #SexDreams"
"WOW sun is shining back to rehearsal! So fun dancing again what a rush it's like getting drunk all day long w/o hangover or liver problems!"
"@popjustice Go work at interscope. keep doing writeups like that. Nice 'critical' piece not 'bloggy.' Meant as compliment, Music needs this."
"@lilbroyan Jupiter is more conservative were checking on pluto"
"Planning away w the Haus our next APPLAUSE tv performance, i love it so much i can barely sleep. When i get excited about creative i feel 4!"
"UK monsters, My Itunes Festival APPLAUSE performance will air on tv at 11pm on Channel 4!"
"#iwannabewithu is also about following my dreams but falling in love at the same time. Wish I could have both, but i can't on the road."
"i'll keep on singin' for a livin' but I wanna be in love. & I wanna be with you. Wish I could split myself in two."
"whether im on tour or at home I always have to say goodbye to someone i love. #LYRICFACT #ilikedoublemeanings"
"@NikkoAllen wait till you hear the studio version"
"@HausOfNath NONE WERE STUDIO VERSIONS, although there were some elements included some were also removed/replaced :)"
"Well done! Love it! RT @Caleb_LG: @ladygaga we talked about Andy Warhol today in Art and I was on point with that shit!! (;"
"@HausOfNath or through the app?"

Us.png September 5


"Me and Fozzi watching scary movies"
"He looks like a real life stuffed animal"

Patrick Demarchelier Photoshoot

Gaga did a photoshoot with Patrick Demarchelier today for Glamour magazine. A behind the scenes music video was also filmed.

Us.png September 6


Gaga posted a promotional picture about her new appareance at GMA this September 9.

"I will be LIVE on @GMA this Monday Morning Sept 9 performing APPLAUSE in a 'GAGA of OZ' theatrical rendition!"
"When Dorothy goes GLAM snatches all the weaves of OZ outsmarting the Wicked West as she thrills for your APPLAUSE!"

Arriving at Fashion Media Awards

Lady Gaga was seen arriving at the FMA that night.

At Fashion Media Awards

Lady Gaga attended tonight at the FMA in New York City. Gaga present the award for the “Magazine of the Year” for V Magazine.

Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Comme des Garçons, boots by Pleaser, and sunglasses by Tom Ford.

Leaving Fashion Media Awards

Lady Gaga was seen leaving the FMA that night with Inez and Vinoodh.

Us.png September 7


"I had a wonderful time giving @vmagazine THE MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR win at Fashion Media Awards tonite. Thank u Comme Des Garcons for my suit!"
"@HeyAsad Listen to Aladdin Sane. Listen to piano parts. Changed my life."
"Me + Stephan Gan of @vmagazine ! He really believed in me monsters, walked me into the world of fashion in his arms."
"In the process of finishing album artwork my mind has been exploding with colors, excitement + wild dreams. I cant sleep, ARTPOP is singing."
"@lowenda112 that is a beautiful description! Very meaningful and strong, because you feel something i feel that is defined only by a moment."
"To make ARTPOP there must be an exchange between two auras: one from the sphere of ART, and the other from the sphere of POP."
"This exchange must be of talent, not material or selfish, a moment of 'giving' between 2 forces who've agreed to put ART in the front."
"@vmagazine i spelled ur name wrong during drunk tweets last night, StephEn :) you weren't there to take away my ipad i could not be stopped!"
"Cant take me anywhere!"

Leaving her apartment in New York City

Gaga was seen leaving her apartment and arriving at the V Magazine Private Party.

Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Maison Margiela, and boots by Pleaser.

At V Magazine Private Party

Gaga performed a setlist of songs which have been unconfirmed so far since the party was private. Gaga also posed with numerous celebrities.



Leaving the V Magazine Private Party

Gaga was seen leaving the V Magazine Party from Le Poisson Rouge, a music venue and multimedia art cabaret. And she took pictures with fans.

Us.png September 8


"Secret party was full of NY glamour + fury, thank you to many old and new friends for coming. To many more. Croissant is good for hangover."
"@Amanda_Lepore not as fabulous as you! It was like old times, you never change. Was staring at your breasts all night. Thank you for coming"
"A Sunday nap and then rehearsal for my GMA performance 2moro! You know what that means...
"I cant that is so cute! Ah!! RT @BrittneyRichich: so my sister wanted to dress up as Lady Gaga from the VMA's"
"Always sleep with my dance shoes before a performance. There's no place like home. #Applause"
"We're not in Kansas anymore. Were in ARTPOP. Dream big and fight for what you believe in. Night Night xoo"
"At 8:30 ! RT @rbrtynks1234: @GMA @ladygaga what time will she be preforming?"


"Always sleep with my dance shoes before a performance. There's no place like home. #Applause"

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition message

Lady Gaga pre-recorded a video for a new episode of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

Leaving her apartment

Gaga was seen leaving her apartment meeting with fans in the afternoon.

Meeting with fans in NYC

Gaga was seen out in NYC at night meeting fans.

Us.png September 9


"We're not in Kansas anymore. Were in ARTPOP. Dream big and fight for what you believe in. Night Night xoo"


"GMA in 3 hours"
"Im so excited to perform on ABC Good Morning America in 1 hr! #ThereNoPlaceLikeHome #GagaOfOz #ApplauseGMA"
"@GMA always takes such good care of us. I can't believe all the fans in Times Square again. YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE IN SCHOOL #BADKIDS"
"We had such a good time performing in OZ! Been sleeping ever since those poppies made me zZZZZzzzz. :) Plus I haven't slept #RehearsalAddict"
"Watch me on Perform 'Applause' complete with yellow brick rode and ruby glam booties HERE:"

Arriving at GMA studios in New York City

Lady Gaga was seen arriving at GMA studios in NYC early in the morning.

At Good Morning America


Lady Gaga did a Wizard of Oz themed performance of Applause.


Gaga was interviewed after her performance of Applause.

Leaving the GMA studios in New York City

Gaga was seen leaving the GMA Studios after her appearance there.

Us.png September 10


"ARTPOP all day
ARTPOP all night
in the studio til
I get it just right"

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

The episode of this show that Gaga pre-recorded a video for was aired today. Gaga pre-recorded a video for this show on September 8th, 2013.

Us.png September 11


"@GloZell I do not detect any flaws! Just humor! the one where you demolished your Apple for not downloading Applause was also hysterical x"
"12 years ago today Sept 11th. We Will Never Forget. Still remember the smoke in the sky. Saying lots of prayers for families who lost lives"

At Watch What Happens Live

Lady Gaga was interviewed live by Andy Cohen. The after-show portion was pre-recorded before the show though.

Leaving a Recording Studio in Chicago

Lady Gaga was seen leaving a recording studio after her appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Lady Gaga wears a shirt by Saint Laurent, and sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

Us.png September 12


"If candy became art. Cannot art become candy?"
"I eat art like candy"

Leaving a Recording Studio in Chicago

Lady Gaga was seen leaving a recording studio in Chicago.

Lady Gaga wears a shirt by Saint Laurent, boots by Azzedine Alaïa, and sunglasses by Tom Ford.

Us.png September 13


Gaga posted two pictures from a recording studio.

"Finishing the album. Bye bye baby."
"It's so hard letting go of the music. Nobody can hurt it now. It sounds like mad angels I will always love ARTPOP"


"Me + the Queen @TheRealDaphne She is truly a living legend and muse to the greats. Photo by Terry Richardson"
"I don't need new friends, I have great ones.'"

Leaving a Recording Studio in Chicago

Lady Gaga was seen leaving a recording studio in Chicago.

Lady Gaga wears a shirt and a jacket by Saint Laurent, and sunglasses by Tom Ford.

Us.png September 14


"Didn't make it to any fashion week parties? WHO CARES we put a camera inside mine! "
"@Zedd miss u nuffet"
"@zedd I meant nugget ! Nugget!!"
"My amazing ITunes Festival winners! Chosen for their creativity, @whisk3y_m0uth and @BadKid_Earthfan"
"They impressed with their idea to put Applause soup cans in Aussie Supermarkets! They promoted Applause in many interesting ways! Good job!"


"Had too much fun with my facial masks. Does it look like Margiela?"

Leaving a Recording Studio in Chicago

Lady Gaga was seen leaving a recording studio in Chicago.

Us.png September 15


"Heard Applause was played during swimsuit portion of Miss America! Work it girls were cheering for you! #Applause"
"@gaga_dreams good night pretty monster *hugs*"

Us.png September 17


"LIVE with @JoJoWright in 5 minutes on @1027KIISFM"
"Live streamed... NOW at"
"RT @1027KIISFM: Want to watch the LIVE stream of @LadyGaga and @JoJoWright? #GagaOnKIIS CLICK HERE:"

Arriving at KIIS FM in LA

Lady Gaga was spotted arriving in Los Angeles at KIIS FM radio station that night.

At 102.7 KIIS FM

Lady Gaga was interviewed by KIIS FM.

Leaving the KIIS FM Studio

Us.png September 18


"was with @JoJoWright Last night on @1027KIISFM i wore my new vintage Halston dress + we caught up on ARTPOP! #NOV11"
"'Applause' is a very meaningful song to me, because it addresses what many think of 'celebrities' today, that we 'do it' for the attention."
"But some of us are 'artists' in this group called 'celebrity,' & what we create doesn't live on unless theres an audience to remember it."
"So I may need your attention at first, so I can sing you my song. But its the 'Applause' after that let me know if I've entertained you."
"Entertainment makes people happy, I live for the 'Applause,' to know I've spread that. I live to hear you cheer, to just be a part of that."
"I believe in show business. The 'Applause' is what breeds that thing that I love. When I know i've made you happy. When I know it was good."

Us.png September 19


"Long day in the studio. My friends decorated the vocal booth, it was so beautiful! I love making songs, can't wait till Nov.11 #ARTPOP"
"just dance @kenlee0214 it'll be ok!!!!!!!!!! :)"
"Ok back to resting up before I hit the studio, can't wait to get back to my vocal booth it has underwater projections! BIRTH OF VENUS LIVE"
"@emmac_94 where are you when i want to lay around watching crime documentaries and nobody understands my obsession"
"@emmac_94 miss u emmaface"
"studio time! the live birth of *Venus* !!"

Gaga posted picture on

"studio time giving birth to *VENUS*"


Us.png September 20


Gaga held a Q&A about ARTPOP and Applause.

"REALLY amazing remix of 'APPLAUSE' by @PURITY_RING listen here. … Applause Remixes EP out OCT 1 #PURITYRINGFAN"
"ARTPOP Q&A right now. Any questions about my upcoming album? or current single 'Applause?' #ARTPOPquestion"
"there will be an album signing. were figuring out when and where because we have so many things planned @TwiHardMonster. but i insisted!"
"theres a lot of choices @L00pyGagaloo i want to choose something thats totally ME! for me its about choosing the best song."
"Inez & Vinnoodh, Brandon Maxwell, and me! @Amelia_x_ We wanted to tell a quick tale of the 'ugly duckling' emerging into the spotlight!"
"every song on the album is completely different @gertrudr i delve deeply into other genres and the collaborations are really authentic"
"mtv awards! @princesshxgh but im just getting started I was still in pain from recovery during that now im really getting back to my oldself"
"before, but not too soon @ARTPOPMINAJ Applause is still holding court for *glampop* spreading glitter with every spin!"
"@MiguelMonster96 THERE MAY BE ANOTHER"
"I will portray it through fashion, + ARTPOP is about communicating w images your ARTPOP fashion statements will portray it too @chloe_brady1"
"they're all significant for different reasons @liza_vay but 1song in particular became a confession of my weaknesses. it was hard to write."
"ARTPOP is a psychedelic-pop journey, an album trip that represents my love of popmusic while exploding and pushing its 'artificial' limits"
"Q & A is over. *you can now return to your rocketships* (alien voice)"
"I am still getting so many questions"
"The album cover is still being perfected and will come out sometime in the next two weeks! *im not allowed to tell you exactly when yet*"
"I will say its my FAVORITE of all my album covers, and I am so excited to show you!"
"@MonsterDino yes"
"@iFrailimar yes it gets better and better. you are missing half the album! i saved some real gems."
"@WesleyWalrus yes! Also I suspected you would party listening to ARTPOP so i wanted you to know the words to the last song whilst stumbling"
"@sarahGagaloo its hard to predict exactly. but the album cover is very colorful!"
"@epiclg i combine those 2 things. all the songs are private. one song *brooklyn nights* you can dance to it, but its melancholy and personal"
"@ARTPOP2212 there will be strong similarities but studio versions really bring those sweeping synths and pop melodies into another dimension"
"@JoeScheisse I'll release the tracklisting on the sept 29th"
"@XisHannigan i have been known to unearth hidden gems and give them ARTPOP MAKEOVERS"
"@OhMyFuckingLola working with TI, Too $hort, Twista. staying up all night in singapore, thailand, south africa. Yesterday. SO MANY"
"@BrittanyOmen The Haus of Gaga has built some beautiful fashion/technology that will be unveiled as soon as we receive permits to exhibit it"
"@tarmandabynes because Ive been able to purely focus on ARTPOP with no tour, or surgery, or recovery. happy finishing songs/writing new ones"
"@GalaKapanadze TEMPLE."
"@Dr_Persa i never design things to be shocking, people just think it is."
"@Nutellandro why not! who knows where the winds of creativity will take you!"
"@gagas_unicornx nov 11th"
"@brauherrera no, the APP was designed by the TECHHAUS, haus of gaga. You will meet them at the artRAVE"
"@KingofPopLewis i wanted to say it before everyone else did. i knew they would. ARTPOP is about rebelling against things that chain popmusic"
"@EduPerMon Its a continuum"
"@TheyAreFab partying and laughing and dancing, total freedom!"
"@AlexMbrook_ yes"
"@NoPanties69 glamour hippy gypsy"
"@NicoleStephii thats a good question, a few you havent heard yet, and also aura and sex dreams."
"@CazReyes my label chose it I like it for making an artistic statement while being catchy I appreciate they recognized ARTPOP's longevity"
"@wwebieberfan 15 and more if you download the free app"
"@HighStannie just brooklyn nights. and i need a whole box of tissues for that song. and a hug under a disco ball"
"@HighStannie but im always influenced by NY, ive never changed. Fame never solved my problems, but new york always does."
"@HausofSib well lately venus has been a bad girl"
"@CissatrixShow yes I heard Adam Lambert is doing it I'm so excited! He's very talented and perfect for the song cause he's glammer"
"@DeathByGAGA no. but its about feeling safe with someone so beautiful on the inside and out. like venus making love to a god. protection"
"@Xaa2vier i think because my life has changed so much in 5 years, i crave something human. *love* the kind I'm experiencing is otherworldly"
"@lilbroyan every second of every day"
"@pierlouis because writing music is like a drug, it keeps me up and I go numb with excitement"
"@alexmalloyy i always thought it was you, you always thought it was me"
"@alexmalloyy we always thought we were it seemed like a real perfect fit those brooklyn nights set us free"
"@AlexMonster04 its weird when people say I should be 'less creative.' female pop is a very strict party!"
"@CakeLikeJessica the artRAVE will be HUGE EVENT held the night of my album release. With exhibitions and a performance by me!"
"@GoncaloCamboa i intend to rebel against the current state of pop we shall see"
"@HausOfNickS the games are creative and interactive and they will relate to your social media..."
"@RaamishInCP actually not one! leftovers"
"@SoyAlechus yes"
"those questions made my head spin wow! Thanks everyone for submitting your #ARTPOPquestion and making it trend. Can't wait for Nov.11th!"

Lady Gaga and Rihanna also tweeted each other

"@rihanna doing really NASTY THINGS *dancing gaga*"
"Im sooooo contraversial RT @cjritchie50: Controversial music opinion time, Lady Gaga's new song is quality!"
"it's not gay @dakota_jay66 you were born this way"
"@fiendingforgaga I prefer searching for specific things, i dont like to read some of the things people write."
"@DarkAngelRose13 it was my dream that different music lovers would like this song, thanks for saying that!"


"I was a bad girl with my seashells. Somebody steal my hot glue gun. Hide the rhinestones!"

Arriving at Recording Studio

Lady Gaga was seen arriving at recording studio in Los Angeles with DJ White Shadow.

Us.png September 21


"My fans make me so happy! She was waiting outside my studio session in a pig gas mask. WHY? Because ARTPOP is coming"
"@GagalnjectsMe Freddy made me the most beautiful dreaded wig dipped in white paint! Seashell girl gone bad! Getting ready for artrave!"
"@MrEAnders it is a conch shell we spray painted them so I can make outfits and accessories I love making stuff"
"@famemonstuh its a barrett"
"uh oh guys the art police is here"
"@madelinemonster thats us, changing the world. twisting the panties of one popstar at a time"
"i love being in the studio but i get the worst munchies. seashell girl just did bad things with some crab fried rice #venus"
"female pop is a very strict party *drinks in the corner*"
"you can't have my heart and you wont use my mind but do what you want (with my body) do what you want with my body"
"ou can't stop my voice cuz' you dont own my life but do what you want (with my body) do what you want (with my body)"
"it's called DO WHAT YOU WANT (WITH MY BODY). I thought if i repeated the title four times you'd figure it out but NOOOOO"
"@LozzyPurry CONFIRMED"

Leaving a Recording Studio

Gaga was seen leaving from the recording studio early in the morning today and she took pictures with her fans in LA.

Us.png September 22


"*straight guys in the gym* 'i hope my earbuds aren't too loud so no one hears im blasting lady gaga applause. #CAUGHT"
"@DntBeADrag typo!!!!! seashell girl gets confused around technical devices"
"@Caleb_LG i am Venus"
"@tahrima_islam seapink"
"ok its exactly 6 days till i have to turn in ARTPOP. SONGS check SEASHELLS check MONSTERS check INHALER for album separation anxiety check"

Us.png September 23


"A MUST WATCH: this queen in RIO re-did my VMA Applause performance TO A T!"
"That routine is not easy! @alexiatwister was so impressive, when she made it out for the seashell girls cue I nearly fell over screaming."
"@enigmandaa NO SLEEP TILL ARTPOP IS FINISHED. its my favorite album i ever made. I want it to be perfect :("
"@AlexiaTwister U were living 4 those APPLAUSE +deserve them! Ur the reason I rehearse so much so someone will redo it + it will last forever"
"@kimmylupoo i love that! i wrote the lyrics + put those claps in the music so at the gym or work u would feel like i was cheering u on!"
"@jexyjonas thats because im cheering you on! go for that extra mile!"
"@ARTPOPAlien_ if you saw my timeline you would understand"
"@holyh00ker that makes me happy! hopefully it gives you and extra burst of energy. wait till you hear the album its like 1000 cups of coffee"
"@xxAmenFashion thats perfect! i cant wait for you to have all of ARTPOP"
"@iGagasHeart OK I SEE what you are all doing now, its cute :) i love you all so much."
"@HausOfLucas I SEE YOU LUCAS"
"Write what you want, say what you want 'bout me, if you're wonderin' know that im not sorry. Do what you want (what you want with my body)"

Leaving Craig's Restaurant

Lady Gaga was seen leaving the Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood.

Us.png September 24


"APPLAUSE is #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club play charts this week! It marks my 13th #1 in this category! A BIG THANK YOU from me to the DJ'S"
"And thank u so much to all the fans who've been requesting Applause on the radio! I have heard it so much, u did a good job!! XseashellkissX"
"@TrollMarkus It means A LOT to me :) Applause is the little glam engine that could"
"@ARTC0CK :) thanks"
"@HausofLenis it hasn't even started!"
"Everyone's asking me what my favorite song is on ARTPOP. It changes all the time but I LOVE LOVE Jewels n' Drugs feat. TI Too $hort & Twista"
"@CarlosUnbound that is Elton's favorite!"
"@palynathisway also a favorite it's hard to choose!"
"@ximeenalopez born this way changed my life too"
"@GagasPaws I think J&D is meaningful because of the cultural context, such classic rappers coming into our community so fearlessly."

Us.png September 25


"@LadyDelSpears no bitch im making ARTPOP"
"@ladydelspears I meant bitch like Britney uses it! A term of endearment. I love you monster awake working hard on the album!"
"Elton John's new Album The Diving Board is such an AMAZING musical piece. His evolution is inspiring. Good listen monsters, totally free"

Us.png September 26


"in the final days finishing ARTPOP. i feel like an atelier. refining seams. ironing fabrics. needling the last thread of my couture creation"
"@trielba me too girl. i just get so excited when im making music i can't sleep."
"@mateoalejandroo i am a drone of many trades"
"@kclairdelune thanks thanks thank kayla cutes!"
"@enric_torres all kinds of projections"
"@MiMiGoldNYC Andy Warhol was one of the greatest minds in history! His art changed culture forever!"
"It was this amazing moment today my head down gazing at the soundboard--the music came on i looked up + knew it was ARTPOP it all made sense"
"@MarryTheGaga17 me too :)"
"@NourZh who knows! Only time will tell. most importantly I LOVE the music, believe in it and think its good. I can only create with my heart"
"@EdManNastyy69 im happier. feel a sense of clarity that really reflected in the music. like the noise in my mind has been detangled"
"@mctlr that will be fun! i told you to plan a party well done! album is a trip!"
"@LadyGigiloo when im able to hear how I've changed as a person in how I've changed as a writer/producer/singer. The new manifesto"
"@omgkye NO RULES"
"@heavymetal0ver the birth of venus"
"The haus made me pretty to do lists. #studiorat "


Gaga posted a photo from the studio on Instagram.

"The haus made me pretty to do lists. #studiorat"

Us.png September 27



Us.png September 28


"monsters sleeping outside the studio last night. left at 5 am and said how come you guys are still here! they said to support you. so rad"
"@gagasmockingjay can i have an extension"
"@tealhead @lucasfeurz thank u its lovely makes me smile! so twisted!"
"@konstelace i feel like that kid in the david does dentist video"
"Have a free + beautiful day Twitterverse. Create w/ no limitations, fly confidently through each aspiration. Think of all the possibilities."
"@MrMoreThanaMan happy birthday"

Us.png September 30


"Im sorry the tracklisting is late monsters. A few more squirrels snuck into the ARTPOP tree. Don't worry it will be worth it!"

Leaving a Recording Studio in Los Angeles

Leaving a Interscope Records Office

Lady Gaga was seen leaving a Interscope Records office in LA.